HOTS - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Sep 171054221 — 178TheOne1276
Sep 161085510 — 249Tsunami1079
Sep 111077321 — 168Chall Enge1208
Sep 101061752 — 025KiTN873
Sep 03Gold Series He1067692 — 031Super Perfect Team929
Sep 02Gold Series He1050732 — 027OFD875
Aug 27Gold Series He1070320 — 268Beyond The Game1199
Aug 26Gold Series He1084220 — 278TheOne1307
Aug 20Gold Series He1092581 — 142Tsunami1035
Aug 20Gold Series He1074702 — 030KiTN924
Aug 19Gold Series He1068351 — 165Chall Enge1179
Aug 13Gold Series He1042582 — 042Super Perfect Team984
Aug 13Gold Series He1024712 — 029OFD862
Aug 12Gold Series He1017331 — 167Beyond The Game1142
Aug 05Gold Series HePROV--2 — 0--FLYPROV
Jul 29Gold Series HePROV--2 — 0--TheOne1308
Jul 22Gold Series HePROV--2 — 0--GoDuckPROV