KiTN - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Sep 1781980 — 292Beyond The Game1241
Sep 16842390 — 261OFD923
Sep 11857230 — 277Tsunami1065
Sep 10873250 — 275HOTS1061
Sep 03Gold Series He82960 — 294TheOne1312
Sep 02Gold Series He855430 — 257Super Perfect Team902
Aug 27Gold Series He863130 — 287Chall Enge1199
Aug 26Gold Series He872140 — 286Beyond The Game1191
Aug 20Gold Series He906560 — 244OFD864
Aug 20Gold Series He924300 — 270HOTS1074
Aug 19Gold Series He896320 — 268Tsunami1028
Aug 13Gold Series He90180 — 292TheOne1331
Aug 12Gold Series He888351 — 165Super Perfect Team996
Aug 12Gold Series He900180 — 282Chall Enge1166
Aug 05Gold Series He900--2 — 0--RPGPROV
Aug 05Gold Series He900--2 — 0--Fe5PROV
Jul 29Gold Series He912140 — 286Chall Enge1154
Jul 22Gold Series He912--2 — 0--PROV
May 28Gold Series He887150 — 285Beyond The Game1186
May 27Gold Series He911400 — 260Boluo985
May 21Gold Series He881512 — 049KG873
May 20Gold Series He893190 — 281Chall Enge1150
May 14Gold Series He914350 — 265Super Perfect Team1023
May 13Gold Series He914551 — 145OFD879
May 07Gold Series He888141 — 186TheOne1209
May 06Gold Series He904250 — 275Beyond The Game1093
Apr 30Gold Series HePROV--1 — 1--Boluo1022
Apr 29Gold Series HePROV--0 — 2--KGPROV
Apr 23Gold Series HePROV--0 — 2--Chall Enge1109
Apr 22Gold Series HePROV--0 — 2--Super Perfect Team1058
Apr 16Gold Series HePROV--1 — 1--OFDPROV
Apr 15Gold Series HePROV--1 — 1--TheOne1193
Apr 09Gold Series HePROV--2 — 1--Green Grassland Sheep Catcher TeamPROV
Apr 09Gold Series HePROV--0 — 2--TheOne1130