Campus Party SparksCampus Party Sparks1067

Campus Party Sparks - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Sep 18European Maste106744Bo156For The Win eSports1109
Sep 17European Maste1075320 — 168Mousesports1204
Sep 16European Maste1089530 — 147Rogue Esports Club1067
Jul 23PG Nationals 21085573 — 143QLASH Forge1052
Jul 14PG Nationals 21104550 — 145Outplayed1067
Jul 08PG Nationals 21095731 — 027Racoon926
Jul 07PG Nationals 21085681 — 032Dropz Esports950
Jul 01PG Nationals 21104560 — 144QLASH Forge1059
Jun 30PG Nationals 21093671 — 033HG Esports966
Jun 10PG Nationals 21083701 — 030Dropz Esports938
Jun 09PG Nationals 21104620 — 138QLASH Forge1022
Jun 03PG Nationals 21116--1 — 0--HG EsportsPROV
Apr 18European Maste1131540 — 146Splyce Vipers1100
Apr 17European Maste1143470 — 153SK Gaming Prime1167
Apr 16European Maste1158580 — 142For The Win eSports1099
Apr 07PG Nationals S1154693 — 231Samsung Morning Stars1065
Mar 22PG Nationals S1129723 — 028Outplayed1023
Mar 11PG Nationals S1123741 — 026iDomina eSports941
Mar 10PG Nationals S1112591 — 041QLASH Forge1053
Mar 04PG Nationals S1106771 — 023MOBA ROG901
Mar 03PG Nationals S1097631 — 037Cyberground988
Feb 25PG Nationals S1086601 — 040Outplayed1017
Feb 24PG Nationals S1080771 — 023Racoon857
Feb 18PG Nationals S1067491 — 051Samsung Morning Stars1074
Feb 17PG Nationals S1057601 — 040iDomina eSports988
Feb 11PG Nationals S1043451 — 055QLASH Forge1075
Feb 10PG Nationals S1043--1 — 0--MOBA ROGPROV
Feb 04PG Nationals S1028561 — 044Cyberground989
Feb 03PG Nationals S1005331 — 067Outplayed1129
Jan 28PG Nationals S991591 — 041Racoon928
Jan 27PG Nationals SPROV--0 — 1--Samsung Morning StarsPROV