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Never Lose Weight - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Jun 10Overwatch Cont837--2 — 1--X-GamingPROV
Jun 09Overwatch Cont837--2 — 1--Phantom WizardPROV
Jun 08Overwatch Cont837--1 — 3--Kindergarten of OverwatchPROV
Jun 06Overwatch Cont784594 — 041Alter-Ego731
Jun 04Overwatch Cont801261 — 374Team For Victory953
Jun 03Overwatch Cont1032701 — 330Big Time Regal Gaming907
Jan 31Overwatch Cont855830 — 417ReStart637
Jan 31Overwatch Cont933680 — 432Alter-Ego823
Jan 30Overwatch Cont1023780 — 422Laboratory838
Jan 29Overwatch Cont1070501 — 350SFDD1068
Jan 28Overwatch Cont1005--3 — 1--CQUPROV
Jan 27Overwatch Cont1016--0 — 4--Team For VictoryPROV
Jan 27Overwatch ContPROV--4 — 0--Zenith of Optimism788