Aachen City Esports - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Oct 03FaceCheck by G105762Bo338Ad Finem994
Oct 03105761Bo239Dota2Players976
Sep 231059320 — 268FlyToMoon1160
Sep 231051691 — 031Burning Fire910
Sep 221047340 — 166FlyToMoon1165
Aug 05FaceCheck by G1036652 — 035Yolo Knights955
Aug 04FaceCheck by G1053571 — 243Pavaga Junior1015
Aug 03FaceCheck by G1032532 — 047Wind and Rain1015
Aug 02FaceCheck by G1004362 — 064Nemiga1078
Jul 29QIWI TEAM PLAY981562 — 044CyberDogs947
Jul 19LOOT BET DOTA993581 — 242Pavaga Junior944
Jul 18QIWI TEAM PLAY1007592 — 041Pavaga Junior962
Jul 13The Internatio1022280 — 272Chaos Esports Club1147
Jul 13The Internatio1043460 — 254Hippomaniacs1064
Jul 12The Internatio1052350 — 165Chaos Esports Club1157
Jul 12The Internatio1067630 — 137six eight two972
Jul 11The Internatio1056531 — 047Bald1033
Jul 11The Internatio1042411 — 059Team Singularity1102
Jul 11The Internatio1026371 — 063The Final Tribe1114
Jul 11The Internatio1040550 — 145Hippomaniacs1006
Jul 11The Internatio1024351 — 065Anti-MagE-1130
Jul 06The Internatio1001340 — 266Team Singularity1086
Jul 06The Internatio1014481 — 252Bald1022
Jul 06The Internatio1014--2 — 0--oooPROV
May 24StarLadder Imb1047420 — 258The Final Tribe1091
May 24StarLadder Imb1058170 — 283Alliance1263
May 23StarLadder Imb1043211 — 179Ninjas in Pyjamas1298
May 23StarLadder Imb1019472 — 053Wind and Rain1040
May 16EPICENTER Majo1022140 — 186OG1343
May 16EPICENTER Majo1009451 — 055Team Singularity1045
May 16EPICENTER Majo98681 — 092Team Liquid1393
May 15EPICENTER Majo970331 — 067The Final Tribe1092
May 15EPICENTER Majo973120 — 188Ninjas in Pyjamas1315
May 15EPICENTER Majo978190 — 181Alliance1226
May 15EPICENTER Majo97830 — 197Team Secret1575
May 11EPICENTER Majo975371 — 063Team Singularity1065
May 11EPICENTER Majo956211 — 079Chaos Esports Club1182
May 11EPICENTER Majo941401 — 060Evil Corporation1013
Apr 05Cobx Masters 2950410 — 159Signify1015
Apr 05Cobx Masters 2963500 — 150Exclamation Mark960
Mar 19joinDOTA Leagu964491 — 151Freelancers970
Mar 18joinDOTA Leagu964--1 — 1--Ecks DeePROV
Mar 11joinDOTA Leagu978550 — 245Dota2Players925
Mar 08joinDOTA Leagu1039591 — 141Hippomaniacs974
Feb 10StarLadder Imb1055411 — 259Old But Gold1093
Feb 10StarLadder Imb1064140 — 286Gambit Esports1295
Feb 09StarLadder Imb1031212 — 079The Pango1207
Feb 08StarLadder Imb1002332 — 067ricardoFlick1096
Feb 08StarLadder Imb1002--1 — 0--S-DelayPROV
Jan 27DreamLeague Se975410 — 159Kaipi1041