Team X. - Series History

Esports Forecasts
May 26Feng Ye Profes913--0 — 2--Team GalaxyPROV
May 18Feng Ye Profes912--0 — 2--Team Destiny.PROV
Apr 18Dota2 Rainbow 883372 — 063Team MAX977
Apr 17Dota2 Rainbow 902430 — 257Winning Gaming950
Apr 15Dota2 Rainbow 912220 — 278Neon Esports1137
Apr 15Dota2 Rainbow 912--0 — 2--Team EditionPROV
Apr 15Dota2 Rainbow 912--0 — 2--Sky Walker ClubPROV
Apr 12Feng Ye Profes948680 — 232Invictus Gaming X850
Apr 11Feng Ye Profes967170 — 283TSG.JZONE.XH1168
Apr 07Feng Ye Profes967--0 — 2--Flaming Cyborg AlphaPROV
Mar 28The Challenge PROV--0 — 2--Newbee.BUFFPROV
Mar 27The Challenge PROV--0 — 2--Team MAX933
Mar 26The Challenge PROV--2 — 0--Vampire Gaming1056
Mar 25The Challenge PROV--0 — 2--iG Vitality1026
Mar 24MDL Disneyland1046540 — 246Team MAX1027
Feb 20The Challenge 1058--2 — 0--Vampire GamingPROV
Feb 19The Challenge 1050562 — 144iG Vitality1017
Feb 19The Challenge 1030592 — 041Winning Gaming975
Feb 17The Challenge 1031571 — 143iG Vitality980
Feb 17The Challenge 1031--0 — 2--Room 310PROV
Feb 16The Challenge 1031--Bo2--Winning GamingPROV
Feb 15The Challenge 1052460 — 254FGB Gaming1083
Jan 13The Challenge PROV--0 — 2--For The Dream1167
Jan 12The Challenge PROV--2 — 1--FGB Gaming1141
Jan 11The Challenge PROV--0 — 2--Flaming Cyborg AlphaPROV
Jan 10The Challenge PROV--2 — 0--iG Vitality1038
Jan 10The Challenge PROV--1 — 1--Team EVER1054
Jan 09The Challenge PROV--1 — 1--Winning GamingPROV
Jan 08The Challenge PROV--1 — 1--For The Dream1135