Pavaga Junior - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Oct 04101143Bo257Hive1057
Oct 03FaceCheck by G101153Bo347Ad Finem994
Aug 13LOOT BET DOTA1010250 — 275FlyToMoon1155
Aug 12LOOT BET DOTA1078391 — 261Vega Squadron1135
Aug 11LOOT BET DOTA1075421 — 258Hippomaniacs1115
Aug 10LOOT BET DOTA1052532 — 047Team Empire1028
Aug 07LOOT BET DOTA1033602 — 040Ad Finem982
Aug 06FaceCheck by G1016372 — 163Nemiga1088
Aug 04LOOT BET DOTA1032310 — 269Vega Squadron1134
Aug 04FaceCheck by G1015432 — 157Aachen City Esports1053
Aug 03LOOT BET DOTA995602 — 040Wind and Rain943
Aug 02FaceCheck by G982452 — 155Wind and Rain1022
Aug 02FaceCheck by G996511 — 249Yolo Knights989
Aug 01LOOT BET DOTA989602 — 140PRIES Gaming942
Aug 01LOOT BET DOTA993281 — 272FlyToMoon1116
Jul 30LOOT BET DOTA965342 — 066Nemiga1052
Jul 24LOOT BET DOTA942262 — 174Team Unique1080
Jul 22joinDOTA Leagu941531 — 147CyberDogs921
Jul 21joinDOTA Leagu941--1 — 1--Yolo KnightsPROV
Jul 20joinDOTA Leagu963470 — 253PRIES Gaming986
Jul 19LOOT BET DOTA944422 — 158Aachen City Esports993
Jul 18QIWI TEAM PLAY962410 — 259Aachen City Esports1007
Jul 16joinDOTA Leagu959421 — 158Wind and Rain1019
Jul 09StarLadder Pro959--0 — 2--TPBPROV
Jul 08StarLadder Pro940322 — 168Hippomaniacs1037
Jul 06The Internatio958360 — 264Team Unique1031
Jun 08World Cyber Ga968440 — 156Team Romania Dota21012
Jun 08World Cyber Ga968--1 — 0--Los PachachosPROV
Jun 08World Cyber Ga980500 — 150KeinBockOderWas980
Jun 08World Cyber Ga991470 — 153Hippomaniacs1016
Jun 08World Cyber Ga981561 — 044Team Serbia938
Jun 08World Cyber Ga981--1 — 0--RozbjeiPROV
Jun 08World Cyber Ga994530 — 147Se7en eSports970
May 11EPICENTER Majo1004410 — 159Black Hornets Gaming1065
Apr 17Adrenaline Cyb1033520 — 248Ranked allstars1025
Apr 17Adrenaline Cyb1018411 — 059Black Hornets Gaming1080
Apr 05StarLadder Pro992402 — 060Hippomaniacs1046
Apr 04StarLadder Pro971542 — 046TPB952
Apr 03StarLadder Pro953552 — 045Team Colizeum924
Apr 03OGA Dota PIT M97470 — 293Gambit Esports1288
Mar 25VARENA DOTA2 L932532 — 047Ukraine International Media Culture909
Mar 24MDL Disneyland932--0 — 2--CoM19SpadaNJIPROV
Mar 22MDL Disneyland946270 — 273FlyToMoon1079
Mar 20joinDOTA Leagu959530 — 147Unchained Esports941
Mar 17joinDOTA Leagu959--2 — 0--Topf Voll OttPROV
Mar 15joinDOTA Leagu922212 — 079Team Singularity1149
Mar 13joinDOTA Leagu918451 — 155Se7en eSports968
Mar 09joinDOTA Leagu936380 — 262Unchained Esports1023
Feb 02DreamLeague Se928151 — 285PAVAGA1147
Feb 01DreamLeague Se91471 — 293Natus Vincere1232