Team Colizeum - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Jul 02joinDOTA LeaguPROV--0 — 2--CyberDogs923
Jun 15QIWI TEAM PLAY993460 — 154Wind and Rain1021
Jun 15QIWI TEAM PLAY978531 — 047TPB954
May 23QIWI TEAM PLAY965530 — 147Team Moriarty RO945
May 20StarLadder Imb896350 — 165Wind and Rain1006
Apr 03StarLadder Pro924450 — 255Pavaga Junior953
Feb 07StarLadder ImbPROV--0 — 1--Dota2Players944
Jan 03StarLadder Pro937--1 — 2--Monolith GamingPROV