DatohPuppey - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Oct 04Singapore Espo94948Bo152Beauty & The Boys962
Oct 03Singapore Espo949--Bo1--Asterisk*PROV
Oct 03Singapore Espo94945Bo155MalaWarrior983
Oct 03Singapore Espo949--Bo1--Team UprisingPROV
Dec 08Singapore Espo922--0 — 1--Beauty & The BoysPROV
Nov 10Singapore EspoPROV--2 — 0--We Killed MeraclePROV
Nov 04Singapore EspoPROV--0 — 1--MalaWarrior975
Oct 27Singapore EspoPROV--0 — 1--ShengQiPROV
Oct 27Singapore EspoPROV--0 — 1--DogePROV
Oct 21Singapore EspoPROV--0 — 1--Team UprisingPROV
Oct 21Singapore EspoPROV--0 — 1--Asterisk*PROV