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Shu's Money Crew EU - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Jul 25Overwatch Cont961492 — 351Samsung Morning Stars968
Jul 19Overwatch Cont916423 — 158Young and Beautiful973
Jul 12Overwatch Cont908161 — 384British Hurricane1132
Jul 04Overwatch Cont943170 — 483Clockwork Vendetta1157
Jun 28Overwatch Cont965541 — 346HSL eSports942
Jun 20Overwatch Cont995271 — 373Team Gigantti1141
Apr 19Overwatch Cont1037290 — 371British Hurricane1156
Apr 18Overwatch Cont1007623 — 138One.PoinT945
Apr 12Overwatch Cont973363 — 164Samsung Morning Stars1057
Apr 04Overwatch Cont908454 — 055Eternal Academy943
Mar 29Overwatch Cont926110 — 389Team Gigantti1208
Mar 21Overwatch Cont938471 — 253One.PoinT956
Mar 15Overwatch Cont1025360 — 464Angry Titans1117
Mar 07Overwatch Cont973604 — 040Young and Beautiful906
Feb 28Overwatch Cont990500 — 450British Hurricane990
Feb 16Overwatch Cont1022461 — 354Novus Ordo Seclorum1043
Feb 15Overwatch Cont991543 — 146Orgless and Hungry967
Feb 14Overwatch ContPROV--2 — 1--Young and Beautiful878
Feb 10Overwatch ContPROV--3 — 2--Outta My Game904
Feb 08Overwatch Cont960480 — 152HSL eSports964
Jan 09Overwatch Cont1043330 — 367Samsung Morning Stars1144
Dec 17Overwatch Cont1044733 — 127Orgless and Hungry907
Dec 09Overwatch Cont1016613 — 139We Have Org947
Dec 03Overwatch Cont967301 — 270British Hurricane1098
Nov 25Overwatch ContPROV--3 — 1--Angry Titans1191
Nov 19Overwatch ContPROV--0 — 4--One.PoinT1007
Nov 10Angry Cup976712 — 229We Have Org860
Nov 10Angry Cup923484 — 052Bazooka Puppiez936
Nov 10Angry Cup937462 — 254Samsung Morning Stars964
Nov 10Angry Cup911192 — 281Winstrike Team1122
Oct 28Overwatch Cont919733 — 227Wind and Rain773
Oct 27Overwatch Cont877503 — 150Osh-Tekk Warriors877
Oct 20Overwatch Cont886251 — 375British Hurricane1032
Oct 19Overwatch Cont920542 — 346HSL eSports899
Oct 14Overwatch Cont982721 — 328We Have Org842
Oct 13Overwatch Cont955533 — 247Bazooka Puppiez938
Sep 30Open Division PROV--4 — 0--Operation Spawn CampPROV
Sep 30Open Division PROV--3 — 0--Operation Spawn CampPROV
Sep 29Open Division PROV--3 — 1--LoliEsports1000
Sep 29Open Division PROV--3 — 1--C8H11NO2PROV
Sep 29Open Division PROV--3 — 0--Osh-Tekk WarriorsPROV