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HSL eSports - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Jun 21Overwatch Cont958421 — 358Young and Beautiful1014
Feb 17Overwatch Cont908182 — 382Novus Ordo Seclorum1113
Feb 16Overwatch Cont971711 — 329Young and Beautiful840
Feb 15Overwatch Cont954673 — 133Side Effects859
Feb 13Overwatch Cont914341 — 066CIS Hope1029
Feb 10Overwatch Cont952622 — 238Orgless and Hungry887
Feb 08Overwatch Cont964521 — 048Shu's Money Crew EU960
Jan 08Overwatch Cont961342 — 366One.PoinT1054
Dec 16Overwatch Cont961351 — 265Team Gigantti1057
Dec 10Overwatch Cont947543 — 146Young and Beautiful918
Dec 02Overwatch Cont945281 — 372Samsung Morning Stars1083
Nov 26Overwatch Cont964231 — 377Winstrike Team1138
Nov 18Overwatch Cont908574 — 043Bazooka Puppiez860
Oct 28Overwatch Cont908--2 — 3--Bazooka PuppiezPROV
Oct 27Overwatch Cont970872 — 313Wind and Rain711
Oct 20Overwatch Cont941363 — 264Copenhagen Flames1020
Oct 19Overwatch Cont899463 — 254Shu's Money Crew EU920
Oct 14Overwatch Cont884302 — 370British Hurricane1008
Sep 30Open Division PROV--0 — 3--Operation Spawn CampPROV
Sep 30Open Division PROV--3 — 2--Osh-Tekk WarriorsPROV
Sep 30Open Division PROV--3 — 2--orKs White1051
Sep 29Open Division PROV--0 — 3--Operation Spawn CampPROV
Sep 29Open Division PROV--3 — 1--Team QLASHPROV
Sep 29Open Division PROV--3 — 1--TeamExile Overwatch913
Jul 21Go4Overwatch EPROV--0 — 1--ElobandenPROV
Jul 15Go4Overwatch EPROV--1 — 0--BitFix GamingPROV
Jul 15Go4Overwatch EPROV--0 — 1--KnigePROV
Jul 01Go4Overwatch EPROV--1 — 0--Gravity eSportsPROV
Jul 01Go4Overwatch EPROV--0 — 1--xfckingdPROV