A-Team - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Sep 17Gold Series He881611 — 339KT824
Sep 12Gold Series He896260 — 274TheOne1084
Sep 12Gold Series He874632 — 037Team Nut778
Sep 11Gold Series He865301 — 170Chall Enge1011
Sep 11Gold Series He822412 — 059RPG886
Sep 10Gold Series He845290 — 271Beyond The Game1000
Sep 05Gold Series He902730 — 227KT730
Sep 05Gold Series He888281 — 172Super Perfect Team1057
Sep 04Gold Series He911290 — 271TheOne1070
Sep 03Gold Series HePROV--1 — 1--Team NutPROV
Aug 29Gold Series He880321 — 168Chall Enge1010
Aug 29Gold Series He880--0 — 2--RPGPROV
Aug 28Gold Series He918380 — 262Beyond The Game1003
Aug 27Gold Series He876562 — 044KT833
Aug 27Gold Series He839171 — 183Super Perfect Team1112
Jul 24Gold Series He842201 — 380Beyond The Game1018
Jul 23Gold Series He815523 — 048KT805
Jul 23Gold Series He771293 — 171RPG884
Jul 23Gold Series He753473 — 253Team Nut766
Jul 18Gold Series He756491 — 151Team Nut759
Jul 17Gold Series He76190 — 291TheOne1160
Jul 17Gold Series He772170 — 283Chall Enge1054
Jul 16Gold Series He762391 — 161RPG838
Jul 11Gold Series He779160 — 284Super Perfect Team1073
Jul 11Gold Series He768381 — 162KT853
Jul 10Gold Series He771170 — 283Beyond The Game1054
Jul 10Gold Series He754281 — 172Team Nut920
Jul 09Gold Series HePROV--0 — 2--TheOne1066
Jul 04Gold Series HePROV--0 — 2--Chall Enge1019
Jul 04Gold Series HePROV--2 — 0--RPG826
Jul 03Gold Series HePROV--0 — 2--Super Perfect Team1041
Jul 02Gold Series HePROV--0 — 2--KT894
Jul 02Gold Series HePROV--0 — 2--Beyond The Game1063