Rise and GrindRise and Grind901
Team Performance by Map
Map W% GP Rating
cache38 7-12
dust231 2-27
inferno48 7+9
mirage55 6+9
nuke65 4-1
overpass45 5+2
train53 4+1

Rise and Grind - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Sep 19ESL ANZ Champi929390 — 261madlikewizards999
Sep 13ESL ANZ Champi939671 — 133Avant Garde827
Sep 11CyberGamer Pre936712 — 029MC E-Sports797
Sep 04CyberGamer Pre897542 — 046TABOO890
Aug 28CyberGamer Pre868492 — 051Avant Garde865
Aug 23ESL ANZ Champi862662 — 034Animal Squad752
Aug 16ESL ANZ Champi848130 — 287ORDER1143
Aug 11IeSF World Cha892130 — 287Chiefs eSports Club1104
Aug 09ESL ANZ Champi888210 — 279Tainted Minds1079
Aug 08ESEA Season 28939130 — 287Grayhound Gaming1151
Aug 02ESL ANZ Champi906642 — 036Surge eSports Club808
Jul 28IeSF World Cha893582 — 042Ground Zero Gaming843
Jul 28IeSF World Cha905190 — 181Chiefs eSports Club1116
Jul 28IeSF World Cha905611 — 039madlikewizards812
Jul 12ESEA Season 28878501 — 050SYF Gaming891
Jul 10CyberGamer Pre891360 — 264Legacy eSports985
Jul 05ESEA Season 28883160 — 184Grayhound Gaming1151
Jul 04ESEA Season 28895671 — 0331UP790
Jul 02CyberGamer Pre847312 — 069SYF Gaming960
Jun 28ESEA Season 28864330 — 167Chiefs eSports Club1002
Jun 28ESEA Season 28867190 — 181ORDER1093