Taichi Gaming - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Jun 30Jiabet Asian M1010662 — 034Eclipse892
Jun 29Jiabet Asian M1030440 — 256For The Dream1070
Jun 29Jiabet Asian M1030--0 — 2--Team AuthenticPROV
Jun 28Jiabet Asian M1041240 — 276Keen Gaming1246
Jun 27Asian DOTA2 Go1017472 — 053Photon Gaming1038
Jun 27Jiabet Asian M1037450 — 255NewBee Young1071
Jun 27Asian DOTA2 Go1037--0 — 2--Team AuthenticPROV
Jun 26Asian DOTA2 Go1037--1 — 1--SunRisePROV
Jun 25Asian DOTA2 Go1043591 — 141Team EVER980
Jun 24Asian DOTA2 Go1043--1 — 1--WOLF.cnPROV
Jun 13FVBET Asian Ma1037401 — 160Typhoon E-Sports Club1105
Jun 12FVBET Asian Ma1024251 — 175Invictus Gaming1219
Jun 11FVBET Asian Ma994352 — 065Geek Fam1103
Jun 10FVBET Asian Ma976592 — 041Avalon Gaming911
Jun 10FVBET Asian Ma997460 — 254CDEC Gaming1022
Jun 07RedRain Cup Se1005320 — 168iG Vitality1132
Jun 06RedRain Cup Se972292 — 071Neon Esports1130
Jun 05RedRain Cup Se978591 — 141Eclipse911
Jun 05RedRain Cup Se1001500 — 250Photon Gaming1003
Jun 05RedRain Cup Se979522 — 048496 Gaming965
Jun 03RedRain Cup Se949352 — 065Team Edition1058
Jun 03RedRain Cup Se968410 — 259For The Dream1032
May 31Feng Ye Profes968--1 — 2--Team EtherealPROV
May 29Feng Ye Profes971361 — 264Team Sincere1049
May 27Feng Ye Profes971--2 — 0--EPOCHPROV
May 18Feng Ye Profes949522 — 048Vampire Gaming939
May 07The Challenge 976590 — 241Team MAX915
May 06The Challenge 976--0 — 2--EPOCHPROV
May 06The Challenge 991330 — 267iG Vitality1112
May 05The Challenge 994601 — 140Vampire Gaming925
May 04The Challenge 983571 — 043Aster.Aquarius937
Apr 12Feng Ye Profes983--0 — 2--Team InitialPROV
Apr 11China Future CPROV--1 — 2--IamPoint Club1098
Apr 10Feng Ye ProfesPROV--2 — 0--Flaming Cyborg AlphaPROV
Apr 09China Future CPROV--0 — 2--NewBee Young1130
Apr 08China Future C882322 — 068Keen Gaming.Luminous1011
Apr 08China Future C882--1 — 1--Sky Walker ClubPROV
Apr 08Feng Ye Profes890100 — 290TSG.JZONE.XH1160
Apr 05China Future C890--2 — 0--Team QSPROV
Apr 05China Future C890--0 — 2--Future.clubPROV
Dec 18H-Cup Season 1876--0 — 1--For The DreamPROV
Dec 18H-Cup Season 1886270 — 173Invictus Gaming1063
Dec 09Dota2 Professi900210 — 279Newbee1135
Dec 08Dota2 Professi911150 — 285Keen Gaming1211
Dec 08Dota2 ProfessiPROV--0 — 2--Team Aster1288
Dec 07Dota2 ProfessiPROV--0 — 2--Invictus Gaming1039
Nov 26The Chongqing PROV--0 — 1--Royal Never Give Up1096
Nov 23Dota2 ProfessiPROV--0 — 2--PSG.LGD1371
Jul 19ANGGAME China 1033370 — 263Geek Fam1102
Jul 18ANGGAME China 1050350 — 265TnC Tigers1130