Team Performance by Map
Map W% GP Rating
Blizzard World87 1+6
Dorado52 2-14
Eichenwalde66 2+8
Hanamura44 2+3
Hollywood49 2-4
Horizon Lunar Colony52 2-7
Ilios38 2-1
Junkertown100 1+5
King's Row34 1-21
Lijiang Tower11 2-27
Nepal39 2+2
Numbani66 1+1
Oasis16 1-18
Rialto60 2-1
Route 6629 1-22
Temple of Anubis70 1+4
Volskaya Industries44 2+3
Watchpoint: Gibraltar23 1-21

One.PoinT - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Mar 21Overwatch Cont954532 — 147Shu's Money Crew EU938
Mar 15Overwatch Cont912241 — 376British Hurricane1064
Mar 08Overwatch Cont945221 — 378Angry Titans1110
Feb 28Overwatch Cont1006260 — 474Team Gigantti1156
Jan 10Overwatch Cont1052470 — 353Team Gigantti1073
Jan 08Overwatch Cont1054663 — 234HSL eSports961
Dec 17Overwatch Cont1055704 — 030We Have Org935
Dec 09Overwatch Cont1075281 — 372Angry Titans1216
Dec 03Overwatch Cont1038754 — 025Orgless and Hungry890
Nov 25Overwatch Cont1009382 — 262British Hurricane1077
Nov 19Overwatch Cont1007--4 — 0--Shu's Money Crew EUPROV
Aug 10Overwatch Cont996200 — 380Angry Titans1187
Jul 31Overwatch Cont988341.5-2.566Eagle Gaming1081
Jul 23Overwatch Cont985803 — 220Copenhagen Flames787
Jul 17Overwatch Cont1028310 — 469CIS Hope1144
Jul 09Overwatch Cont1036281 — 372Team Gigantti1176
Jul 03Overwatch Cont1000363 — 164We Have Org1084
Jun 24Overwatch Cont960764 — 024Samsung Morning Stars Blue796
Jun 23Overwatch Cont978382 — 362We Have Org1049
Jun 17Overwatch Cont962653 — 135That's a Disband868
Jun 16Overwatch Cont921714 — 029Northern Lights789
Jun 15Overwatch Cont973682 — 332Team Singularity865
Jun 10Overwatch Cont1004421 — 358Bazooka Puppiez1055
Jun 09Overwatch Cont893304 — 0706nakes1017