Legacy EsportsLegacy Esports960
Team Performance by Map
Map W% GP Rating
Blizzard World0 2-34
Dorado100 1+15
Eichenwalde0 2-26
Hanamura0 1-12
Hollywood73 3+13
Horizon Lunar Colony61 3+12
Ilios0 1-20
Junkertown100 2+16
King's Row23 2-19
Lijiang Tower0 2-22
Nepal22 2-26
Numbani0 1-14
Oasis66 3+5
Rialto0 2-13
Route 66 0-7
Temple of Anubis100 2+27
Volskaya Industries55 2+4
Watchpoint: Gibraltar0 2-20

Legacy Esports - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Jul 24Overwatch Cont960--Bo5--High Roll GamingPROV
Jul 22Overwatch Cont932393 — 161Athletico Esports998
Jul 15Overwatch Cont896573 — 143Melbourne Mavericks850
Jul 07Overwatch Cont890302 — 370Mindfreak1012
Jun 30Overwatch Cont863142 — 386ORDER1113
Jun 23Overwatch Cont890160 — 484Sydney Drop Bears1115
Jun 17Overwatch Cont885231 — 377Warriors Esports1051
Apr 10Overwatch Cont89870 — 493Sydney Drop Bears1231
Apr 03Overwatch Cont960631 — 337Mindfreak876
Mar 25Overwatch Cont986531 — 247Melbourne Mavericks955
Mar 18Overwatch Cont988432 — 357Blank Esports1031
Mar 11Overwatch Cont1074740 — 426Ground Zero Gaming920
Mar 06Overwatch Cont1034744 — 026Athletico Esports881
Feb 25Overwatch Cont1080300 — 470ORDER1194
Feb 16Overwatch Cont1047794 — 021Paradigm Shift.AU858
Feb 15Overwatch ContPROV--4 — 0--Breakaway Esports791
Feb 10Overwatch ContPROV--3 — 1--HOT SaucePROV
Feb 10Overwatch ContPROV--4 — 0--Bad To The BonePROV
Dec 17Overwatch Cont781551 — 345Mindfreak751
Dec 10Overwatch Cont79540 — 496Sydney Drop Bears1190
Dec 03Overwatch Cont805341 — 366Blank Esports906
Nov 26Overwatch Cont790332 — 267Kraken Esports Club887
Jul 30Overwatch Cont940160 — 184Sydney Drop Bears1231
Jul 23Overwatch Cont889624 — 038Tainted Minds817
Jul 16Overwatch Cont947341 — 366Blank Blue1046
Jul 09Overwatch Cont974--3 — 1--DignityPROV
Jul 02Overwatch Cont944854 — 015Bin Chickens700
Apr 23Overwatch Cont906310 — 369Sydney Drop Bears1026
Apr 16Overwatch Cont951310 — 469Blank Blue1070
Mar 27Overwatch Cont926764 — 024Tainted Minds793
Mar 25Overwatch Cont817134 — 087Serenity1084
Mar 19Overwatch Cont805--4 — 0--Kanga EsportsPROV
Mar 13Overwatch ContPROV--0 — 4--Dark Sided975