Young and BeautifulYoung and Beautiful806
Team Performance by Map
Map W% GP Rating
Blizzard World30 2+8
Dorado35 5-3
Eichenwalde39 2+13
Hanamura7 1-12
Hollywood28 2-16
Horizon Lunar Colony43 2+9
Ilios10 1-15
Junkertown0 2-19
King's Row1 2-18
Lijiang Tower1 2-17
Nepal2 2-20
Numbani13 2-21
Oasis14 1-13
Rialto17 3-19
Route 6614 1-18
Temple of Anubis34 1+5
Volskaya Industries42 3+0
Watchpoint: Gibraltar0 1-10

Young and Beautiful - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Mar 22Overwatch Cont827100 — 490Samsung Morning Stars1120
Mar 14Overwatch Cont853400 — 360Eternal Academy904
Mar 07Overwatch Cont904400 — 460Shu's Money Crew EU972
Mar 01Overwatch Cont919111 — 389Angry Titans1200
Feb 17Overwatch Cont901522 — 248Outta My Game897
Feb 16Overwatch Cont838293 — 171HSL eSports970
Feb 15Overwatch Cont894260 — 474Novus Ordo Seclorum1041
Feb 14Overwatch Cont874--1 — 2--Shu's Money Crew EUPROV
Feb 10Overwatch Cont859431 — 157Side Effects903
Feb 08Overwatch Cont865441 — 356Orgless and Hungry905
Dec 16Overwatch Cont906711 — 229Bazooka Puppiez783
Dec 10Overwatch Cont918461 — 354HSL eSports947
Dec 02Overwatch Cont864152 — 185Team Gigantti1101
Nov 26Overwatch Cont866181 — 382Samsung Morning Stars1081
Nov 18Overwatch Cont911200 — 480Winstrike Team1108
Nov 10Angry Cup862484 — 052Kungarna883
Nov 10Angry Cup894180 — 482Angry Titans1097
Nov 10Angry Cup930451 — 355Orgless and Hungry963
Nov 10Angry Cup948281 — 372British Hurricane1090
Aug 11Overwatch Cont90150 — 395Team Gigantti1285
Jul 30Overwatch Cont963530 — 4476nakes945
Jul 24Overwatch Cont925533 — 147Bazooka Puppiez909
Jul 16Overwatch Cont920111 — 389Angry Titans1204
Jul 10Overwatch Cont950511 — 349Orgless and Hungry944
Jul 02Overwatch Cont887113 — 189British Hurricane1169
Apr 22Overwatch Cont986200 — 380British Hurricane1192
Apr 09Overwatch Cont954613 — 139Bazooka Puppiez896
Apr 01Overwatch Cont961240 — 476CIS Hope1132
Mar 29Overwatch Cont952282 — 372Eagle Gaming1085
Mar 18Overwatch Cont900223 — 178Mosaic1079
Mar 12Overwatch Cont955440 — 456Copenhagen Flames979
Mar 04Overwatch Cont937221 — 378CIS Hope1132
Mar 03Overwatch Cont1026710 — 429Piece of Cake887
Feb 25Overwatch Cont962504 — 050Primordial962
Feb 24Overwatch Cont896504 — 050Birb bois893
Feb 23Overwatch Cont918250.5-3.575Angry Titans1084
Feb 17Overwatch Cont839192.5-1.581Orgless and Hungry1054