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Orgless and Hungry - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Feb 17Overwatch Cont949722 — 328Side Effects817
Feb 15Overwatch Cont967461 — 354Shu's Money Crew EU991
Feb 14Overwatch Cont932552 — 045Outta My Game906
Feb 10Overwatch Cont887382 — 262HSL eSports952
Feb 08Overwatch Cont905563 — 144Young and Beautiful865
Dec 17Overwatch Cont907271 — 373Shu's Money Crew EU1044
Dec 09Overwatch Cont845113 — 289British Hurricane1108
Dec 03Overwatch Cont890250 — 475One.PoinT1038
Nov 25Overwatch Cont942501 — 350We Have Org934
Nov 19Overwatch Cont962200 — 380Angry Titans1163
Nov 10Angry Cup893624 — 038Kungarna820
Nov 10Angry Cup996290 — 471British Hurricane1131
Nov 10Angry Cup963553 — 145Young and Beautiful930
Nov 10Angry Cup1020470 — 453Angry Titans1039
Aug 11Overwatch Cont1058451 — 355Eagle Gaming1090
Jul 30Overwatch Cont1018463 — 254British Hurricane1044
Jul 24Overwatch Cont998483 — 2526nakes1011
Jul 16Overwatch Cont961553 — 145Bazooka Puppiez929
Jul 10Overwatch Cont944493 — 151Young and Beautiful950
Jul 02Overwatch Cont1015280 — 472Angry Titans1161
Apr 22Overwatch Cont1184491 — 351CIS Hope1170
Apr 08Overwatch Cont1201501 — 350Angry Titans1183
Apr 02Overwatch Cont1275964 — 04That's a Disband879
Mar 28Overwatch Cont1187494 — 051British Hurricane1182
Mar 19Overwatch Cont1201863 — 114Team Singularity949
Mar 11Overwatch Cont1149341 — 366Team Gigantti1204
Mar 04Overwatch Cont1149494 — 051Angry Titans1156
Mar 03Overwatch Cont1116814 — 019Primordial896
Feb 25Overwatch Cont1068323 — 168CIS Hope1181
Feb 24Overwatch Cont1034623.5-0.538Piece of Cake960
Feb 23Overwatch Cont992724 — 028That's a Disband847
Feb 17Overwatch Cont1054811.5-2.519Young and Beautiful839
Feb 04Overwatch PIT 1122661 — 234Squid123241028
Feb 01Overwatch PIT 1145670 — 233Eagle Gaming1051
Jan 28Overwatch PIT 1128842 — 016DOSE892
Jan 28Overwatch PIT 1096652 — 035Jigsaw1003
Jan 27Overwatch PIT 1132671 — 233CIS Hope1029
Jan 26Overwatch PIT 1097602 — 040Squid123241033