Team EVERTeam EVER960

Team EVER - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Jun 28Asian DOTA2 Go974560 — 144496 Gaming931
Jun 28RedRain Cup Se994420 — 258Team Adroit1038
Jun 27Asian DOTA2 Go994--1 — 1--Team AuthenticPROV
Jun 27RedRain Cup Se975602 — 040Eclipse918
Jun 26RedRain Cup Se990290 — 271Neon Esports1107
Jun 26Asian DOTA2 Go990--1 — 1--WOLF.cnPROV
Jun 26Asian DOTA2 Go986441 — 156Photon Gaming1026
Jun 25Asian DOTA2 Go980411 — 159Taichi Gaming1043
Jun 25RedRain Cup Se958492 — 051496 Gaming963
Jun 24RedRain Cup Se930392 — 061Keen Gaming.Luminous1010
Jun 24Asian DOTA2 Go930--1 — 1--SunRisePROV
Jun 23RedRain Cup Se930--1 — 1--Team AuthenticPROV
Jun 22RedRain Cup Se936551 — 145Eclipse904
Jun 21ZBT Invitation950250 — 275iG Vitality1092
Jun 21RedRain Cup Se971440 — 256Team Adroit1010
Jun 20World Cyber Ga971--0 — 1--Proud TrooperPROV
Jun 20World Cyber Ga984550 — 145Revenge Gaming948
Jun 20World Cyber Ga989210 — 179Team Sirius1223
Jun 20World Cyber Ga998330 — 167CDEC Gaming1117
Jun 20World Cyber Ga998--1 — 0--VTi-Gaming.YPROV
Jun 20World Cyber Ga1004250 — 175Newbee1192
Jun 20World Cyber Ga1004--1 — 0--CYNBPROV
Jun 18ZBT Invitation1024440 — 256CDEC Gaming1064
Jun 18ZBT Invitation1031611 — 139Vampire Gaming950
Jun 18ZBT Invitation1011572 — 043Keen Gaming.Luminous963
Jun 17ZBT Invitation1020190 — 281Invictus Gaming1273
Jun 17ZBT Invitation991362 — 064Typhoon E-Sports Club1089
May 26Feng Ye Profes991--1 — 2--Team EtherealPROV
May 25Feng Ye Profes991--0 — 2--Trump GamersPROV
May 12EPICENTER Majo1003220 — 278Royal1170
May 10The Challenge 1027520 — 248Team Sincere1017
May 09The Challenge 1027--2 — 1--Team GalaxyPROV
May 08The Challenge 1044350 — 265iG Vitality1127
May 07The Challenge 1045--1 — 1--Team GalaxyPROV
May 06The Challenge 1045--1 — 1--Flaming Cyborg AlphaPROV
May 06The Challenge 1049551 — 145Team Sincere1013
May 05The Challenge 1043341 — 166TSG.JZONE.XH1160
May 04The Challenge 1023572 — 043Keen Gaming.Luminous974
Mar 18VARENA DOTA2 L1054660 — 234NewBee Young936
Mar 16VARENA DOTA2 L1054--0 — 2--StarluckPROV
Mar 16VARENA DOTA2 L1083630 — 237iG Vitality986
Mar 15VARENA DOTA2 L1083--0 — 2--Team QSPROV
Feb 27ESL One Mumbai1084301 — 270Mr Game Boy1202
Feb 27ESL One Mumbai1080231 — 277Royal Never Give Up1237
Feb 08StarLadder Imb1098350 — 265Room 3101179
Feb 07StarLadder Imb1081432 — 157For The Dream1117
Jan 31ESL One Mumbai1069522 — 148Royal1062
Jan 31ESL One Mumbai1054391 — 061For The Dream1132
Jan 10The Challenge 1054--1 — 1--Team X.PROV
Jan 09The Challenge 1074590 — 241iG Vitality1013