Angry TitansAngry Titans1226
Team Performance by Map
Map W% GP Rating
Blizzard World81 2+15
Dorado54 3+3
Eichenwalde3 2-30
Hanamura63 3+1
Hollywood61 4+6
Horizon Lunar Colony74 2+17
Ilios65 2+0
Junkertown83 2+8
King's Row55 3-18
Lijiang Tower39 3-21
Nepal100 3+32
Numbani25 2-23
Oasis73 2+1
Rialto98 2+17
Route 6647 2-8
Temple of Anubis66 1+1
Volskaya Industries99 1-6
Watchpoint: Gibraltar100 1-7

Angry Titans - Series History

Esports Forecasts
May 03Overwatch Cont1159394 — 161British Hurricane1207
Apr 19Overwatch Cont1036273 — 173Team Gigantti1182
Apr 11Overwatch Cont1227680 — 432British Hurricane1120
Apr 05Overwatch Cont1176624 — 038Samsung Morning Stars1105
Mar 28Overwatch Cont1191883 — 212Eternal Academy931
Mar 22Overwatch Cont1160362 — 164Team Gigantti1238
Mar 15Overwatch Cont1117644 — 036Shu's Money Crew EU1025
Mar 08Overwatch Cont1112783 — 122One.PoinT946
Mar 01Overwatch Cont1200893 — 111Young and Beautiful919
Jan 11Overwatch Cont1255722 — 428Team Gigantti1121
Jan 10Overwatch Cont1209573 — 043Samsung Morning Stars1162
Jan 09Overwatch Cont1229763 — 224Winstrike Team1071
Dec 17Overwatch Cont1234811 — 119British Hurricane1049
Dec 09Overwatch Cont1216723 — 128One.PoinT1075
Dec 03Overwatch Cont1190813 — 019We Have Org984
Nov 25Overwatch Cont1191--1 — 3--Shu's Money Crew EUPROV
Nov 19Overwatch Cont1163803 — 020Orgless and Hungry962
Nov 14Angry Cup1247881 — 312Samsung Morning Stars971
Nov 10Angry Cup1239974 — 03Kungarna772
Nov 10Angry Cup1126423 — 158British Hurricane1172
Nov 10Angry Cup1097824 — 018Young and Beautiful894
Nov 10Angry Cup1039534 — 047Orgless and Hungry1020
Sep 21Overwatch Cont1199511 — 449Eagle Gaming1181
Aug 12Overwatch Cont1213673 — 133Winstrike Team1111
Aug 10Overwatch Cont1187803 — 020One.PoinT996
Jul 30Overwatch Cont1113853 — 115Bazooka Puppiez874
Jul 24Overwatch Cont1201722.5-1.528British Hurricane1067
Jul 16Overwatch Cont1204893 — 111Young and Beautiful920
Jul 10Overwatch Cont1165744 — 0266nakes1017
Jul 02Overwatch Cont1161724 — 028Orgless and Hungry1015
May 12Overwatch Cont1233600 — 340Team Gigantti1179
Apr 23Overwatch Cont1196693 — 031Copenhagen Flames1069
Apr 08Overwatch Cont1183503 — 150Orgless and Hungry1201
Apr 02Overwatch Cont1141704 — 030Team Singularity1039
Mar 28Overwatch Cont1050244 — 076Team Gigantti1240
Mar 19Overwatch Cont1049282 — 372British Hurricane1180
Mar 11Overwatch Cont1089742 — 226That's a Disband942
Mar 04Overwatch Cont1156510 — 449Orgless and Hungry1149
Mar 03Overwatch Cont1139944 — 06Birb bois760
Feb 25Overwatch Cont1100764 — 024Piece of Cake926
Feb 24Overwatch Cont1104893 — 111That's a Disband804
Feb 23Overwatch Cont1084753.5-0.525Young and Beautiful918
Feb 07Overwatch PIT 1130380 — 362Those Guys1205
Feb 06Overwatch PIT 1075503 — 050Piece of Cake1070
Feb 05Overwatch PIT 1048422 — 158CIS Hope1098
Feb 05Overwatch PIT 1002432 — 057Squid123241072
Jan 31Overwatch PIT 1027260 — 274Those Guys1177
Jan 31Overwatch PIT 988392 — 161CIS Hope1066
Jan 24Overwatch PIT 986702 — 130ENCE872
Jan 24Overwatch PIT 1001350 — 265Those Guys1089