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Samsung Morning Stars - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Aug 01Overwatch Cont1000341 — 366HSL eSports1090
Jul 25Overwatch Cont968513 — 249Shu's Money Crew EU961
Jul 18Overwatch Cont967192 — 381Clockwork Vendetta1170
Jul 11Overwatch Cont968341 — 366Angry Titans1059
Jul 04Overwatch Cont1013581 — 342HSL eSports963
Jun 27Overwatch Cont979413 — 259Young and Beautiful1032
Jun 20Overwatch Cont1005420 — 158British Hurricane1057
Jun 14Overwatch Cont1007281 — 372Team Gigantti1145
Apr 18Overwatch Cont1030291 — 371Team Gigantti1162
Apr 12Overwatch Cont1057641 — 336Shu's Money Crew EU973
Apr 05Overwatch Cont1106380 — 462Angry Titans1177
Mar 28Overwatch Cont1150772 — 323One.PoinT973
Mar 22Overwatch Cont1120884 — 012Young and Beautiful836
Mar 14Overwatch Cont1144361 — 364Team Gigantti1219
Mar 08Overwatch Cont1209802 — 320British Hurricane1019
Mar 01Overwatch Cont1152--3 — 1--Eternal AcademyPROV
Feb 02Assembly Winte1134392 — 161Team Gigantti1195
Feb 02Assembly Winte1097833 — 017NYYRIKKI Esports875
Feb 02Assembly Winte1138402 — 360Team Gigantti1181
Feb 01Assembly Winte1115843 — 016NYYRIKKI Esports889
Jan 10Overwatch Cont1162430 — 357Angry Titans1209
Jan 09Overwatch Cont1144673 — 033Shu's Money Crew EU1043
Dec 16Overwatch Cont1108483 — 152Winstrike Team1109
Dec 10Overwatch Cont1051874 — 013Bazooka Puppiez807
Dec 02Overwatch Cont1083723 — 128HSL eSports945
Nov 26Overwatch Cont1081823 — 118Young and Beautiful866
Nov 18Overwatch Cont1040403 — 260Team Gigantti1106
Nov 14Angry Cup971123 — 188Angry Titans1247
Nov 10Angry Cup1004292 — 271Winstrike Team1143
Nov 10Angry Cup977653 — 135We Have Org882
Nov 10Angry Cup964542 — 246Shu's Money Crew EU937
Nov 10Angry CupPROV--4 — 0--Bazooka Puppiez976
Oct 08Go4Overwatch E980--0 — 1--Copenhagen Flames980
Oct 08Go4Overwatch EPROV--0 — 1--FULL BAGARREPROV
Sep 16Go4Overwatch E980--0 — 1--Wizard eSports980
Sep 16Go4Overwatch E980--1 — 0--Pentafoil EK980
Sep 09Go4Overwatch E980--0 — 1--Big Bandits and mlord980
Sep 09Go4Overwatch E980--1 — 0--456980
Sep 09Go4Overwatch E980--1 — 0--IDM eSports980
Sep 09Go4Overwatch E980--1 — 0--Riddle Esports (Defunct)980
Sep 02Go4Overwatch E980--0 — 1--Angry Titans980
Jun 24Go4Overwatch EPROV--0 — 2--Yummy Pepperoni761
Jun 24Go4Overwatch EPROV--1 — 0--The Korean SlayersPROV