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For The Dream - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Sep 281018430 — 257LING ER1056
Sep 27988312 — 069Team Adroit1092
Sep 26958302 — 070Team Serenity1071
Sep 25972230 — 277Sparking Arrow Gaming1126
Sep 25988310 — 269CDEC Gaming1102
Sep 241093571 — 243Keen Gaming.Luminous1058
Sep 231085782 — 022Team Reason923
Jul 06The Internatio1076--1 — 2--FTD.GuysPROV
Jul 01Jiabet Asian M1090570 — 143Keen Gaming.Luminous1041
Jul 01Jiabet Asian M109057Bo143Keen Gaming.Luminous1041
Jun 30Jiabet Asian M1090--1 — 1--Team AuthenticPROV
Jun 29Jiabet Asian M1070562 — 044Taichi Gaming1030
Jun 28Jiabet Asian M1083270 — 273Keen Gaming1257
Jun 28Jiabet Asian M1080481 — 152NewBee Young1091
Jun 27Jiabet Asian M1091761 — 124Eclipse894
Jun 23ZBT Invitation1111450 — 255CDEC Gaming1137
Jun 22ZBT Invitation1079232 — 077Team Aster1236
Jun 21ZBT Invitation1092240 — 276Invictus Gaming1246
Jun 20ZBT Invitation1091--2 — 0--Team Destiny.PROV
Jun 19ZBT Invitation1090381 — 162Team Aster1177
Jun 18ZBT Invitation1091491 — 151Neon Esports1099
Jun 17ZBT Invitation1092481 — 152iG Vitality1109
Jun 17ZBT Invitation1092--1 — 1--Revenge GamingPROV
Jun 09RedRain Cup Se1106511 — 249Typhoon E-Sports Club1103
Jun 09RedRain Cup Se1088632 — 037Keen Gaming.Luminous1019
Jun 08RedRain Cup Se1060352 — 065iG Vitality1140
Jun 07RedRain Cup Se1081470 — 253Typhoon E-Sports Club1100
Jun 04RedRain Cup Se1075401 — 160Neon Esports1148
Jun 04RedRain Cup Se1056592 — 041Team Edition995
Jun 04RedRain Cup Se1043712 — 029Eclipse886
Jun 03RedRain Cup Se1022552 — 045496 Gaming985
Jun 03RedRain Cup Se1051620 — 238Photon Gaming968
Jun 03RedRain Cup Se1032592 — 041Taichi Gaming968
May 30JBO Asian Mast1045380 — 162Team Serenity1129
May 29JBO Asian Mast1052611 — 139Keen Gaming.Luminous972
May 29JBO Asian Mast1037672 — 033Eclipse913
May 29JBO Asian Mast1057440 — 256Team Aster1102
May 28JBO Asian Mast1069270 — 273Invictus Gaming1244
May 27JBO Asian Mast1072--2 — 0--Speed Gaming.cnPROV
May 26JBO Asian Mast1067411 — 159Typhoon E-Sports Club1129
May 14EPICENTER Majo1064360 — 264Team Serenity1143
Mar 13Huomao Leihuo 1078300 — 270Invictus Gaming1192
Mar 12Huomao Leihuo 1073572 — 143Team MAX1034
Mar 11Huomao Leihuo 1075371 — 263Royal1145
Mar 06Huomao Leihuo 1075--2 — 0--Flaming Cyborg AlphaPROV
Mar 06Huomao Leihuo 1063622 — 038iG Vitality994
Mar 05Huomao Leihuo 1046632 — 037Keen Gaming.Luminous952
Mar 04Huomao Leihuo 1057380 — 262Newbee1143
Mar 04Huomao Leihuo 1057--0 — 2--Sky Walker ClubPROV
Mar 01JJB Spring Cup1057--0 — 2--Room 310PROV