For The DreamFor The Dream1050

For The Dream - Series History

Esports Forecasts
May 14EPICENTER Majo1068360 — 264Team Serenity1143
Mar 13Huomao Leihuo 1078300 — 270Invictus Gaming1192
Mar 12Huomao Leihuo 1073572 — 143Team MAX1034
Mar 11Huomao Leihuo 1075371 — 263Royal1145
Mar 06Huomao Leihuo 1075--2 — 0--Flaming Cyborg AlphaPROV
Mar 06Huomao Leihuo 1063622 — 038iG Vitality994
Mar 05Huomao Leihuo 1046632 — 037Keen Gaming.Luminous952
Mar 04Huomao Leihuo 1057380 — 262Newbee1143
Mar 04Huomao Leihuo 1057--0 — 2--Sky Walker ClubPROV
Mar 01JJB Spring Cup1057--0 — 2--Room 310PROV
Feb 28JJB Spring Cup1077640 — 136iG Vitality993
Feb 27JJB Spring Cup1092600 — 140Team Admiral1023
Feb 27JJB Spring Cup1080511 — 049WarriorsGaming.Unity1072
Feb 27JJB Spring Cup1071300 — 170Mr Game Boy1203
Feb 27JJB Spring Cup1063351 — 065Team Serenity1185
Feb 21ESL One Katowi1083260 — 274OG Dota21256
Feb 20ESL One Katowi108390 — 291Team Secret1495
Feb 20ESL One Katowi1071271 — 173Forward Gaming1245
Feb 19ESL One Katowi1086200 — 280Gambit Esports1320
Feb 19ESL One Katowi1100300 — 270Mineski1263
Feb 07StarLadder Imb1117571 — 243Team EVER1081
Jan 31ESL One Mumbai1132610 — 139Team EVER1054
Jan 27DreamLeague Se1156500 — 250Newbee1155
Jan 27DreamLeague Se1131432 — 057Mr Game Boy1166
Jan 27DreamLeague Se1131--2 — 1--CDEC GamingPROV
Jan 13The Challenge 1167840 — 216Flaming Cyborg Alpha956
Jan 13The Challenge 1167--2 — 0--Team X.PROV
Jan 12The Challenge 1152732 — 027iG Vitality1021
Jan 11The Challenge 1152--0 — 2--Room 310PROV
Jan 10The Challenge 1135642 — 036iG Vitality1038
Jan 09The Challenge 1135--2 — 0--Winning GamingPROV
Jan 08The Challenge 1135--1 — 1--Team X.PROV
Jan 08The Challenge 1114522 — 048Team EVER1097
Dec 22The China HopePROV--0 — 2--DeathBringer Gaming1150
Dec 22The China HopePROV--1 — 2--Team Serenity1176
Dec 21The China HopePROV--2 — 0--MAX.YPROV
Dec 21The China HopePROV--1 — 1--IamPoint ClubPROV
Dec 20ESL One Katowi1120202 — 380EHOME1281
Dec 20H-Cup Season 11143490 — 251Keen Gaming1148
Dec 20H-Cup Season 11145271 — 273Team Aster1276
Dec 19ESL One Katowi1114282 — 072Team Root1240
Dec 19ESL One Katowi1122532 — 047Royal Never Give Up1106
Dec 19H-Cup Season 11109471 — 053Royal Never Give Up1119
Dec 18The China Hope1100692 — 031iG Vitality957
Dec 18H-Cup Season 1PROV--1 — 0--Taichi Gaming876
Dec 18H-Cup Season 11100270 — 173EHOME1267
Dec 17The China Hope1069342 — 066Keen Gaming1189
Dec 17The China Hope1053652 — 035Avalon Gaming942
Dec 04ESL One Katowi1025212 — 179Keen Gaming1194
Dec 04ESL One Katowi1010722 — 028Flaming Cyborg Alpha887