Nemiga - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Oct 041059--Bo2--Team PoseidonPROV
Sep 221052691 — 031CyberDogs914
Sep 221038451 — 055Old But Gold1076
Aug 09LOOT BET DOTA1014432 — 057Ad Finem1051
Aug 06LOOT BET DOTA1032380 — 262Team Empire1096
Aug 06FaceCheck by G1088631 — 237Pavaga Junior1016
Aug 05FaceCheck by G1087752 — 125Wind and Rain941
Aug 04FaceCheck by G1071682 — 032Yolo Knights971
Aug 03FaceCheck by G1050562 — 044Ad Finem1019
Aug 02FaceCheck by G1078640 — 236Aachen City Esports1004
Aug 01LOOT BET DOTA1094390 — 261Vega Squadron1156
Jul 31LOOT BET DOTA1024352 — 165Hippomaniacs1106
Jul 30LOOT BET DOTA1052660 — 234Pavaga Junior965
Jul 29QIWI TEAM PLAY1034622 — 0387sight971
Jul 27QIWI TEAM PLAY1061630 — 237Se7en eSports988
Jul 26QIWI TEAM PLAY1042592 — 041Wind and Rain994
Jul 23LOOT BET DOTA1020542 — 046Wind and Rain1000
Jul 22LOOT BET DOTA1046580 — 242PRIES Gaming1001
Jul 21LOOT BET DOTA1068470 — 253FlyToMoon1082
Jul 21LOOT BET DOTA1058532 — 147Team Unique1041
Jul 12StarLadder Pro1043702 — 030Minus Modus931
Jul 09StarLadder Pro1044742 — 126Burning Fire908
Jul 08The Internatio1056480 — 152FlyToMoon1049
Jul 08The Internatio1041421 — 058Team Empire1112
Jul 08The Internatio1027391 — 061Team Spirit1126
Jul 07The Internatio1009301 — 070Winstrike Team1177
Jul 07The Internatio1015190 — 181Natus Vincere1252
Jul 07The Internatio1020140 — 186Gambit Esports1311
Jul 07The Internatio1065540 — 146Vega Squadron1035
Jul 06The Internatio1045552 — 045pesochniy tort1015
Jul 06The Internatio1045--2 — 0--Minus ModusPROV
May 12EPICENTER Majo1063570 — 143FlyToMoon1014
May 12EPICENTER Majo1063--1 — 0--Magic HandsPROV
Apr 17Adrenaline Cyb1088560 — 244Ranked allstars1055
Apr 17Adrenaline Cyb1088--2 — 0--CyberDogsPROV
Apr 17Adrenaline Cyb1082741 — 026Minus Modus898
Apr 14Adrenaline Cyb1117830 — 217Vega Squadron912
Mar 08World Electron1080431 — 157Team Australia1128
Mar 08World Electron1090190 — 281Keen Gaming1332
Mar 08World Electron1107642 — 036Deutschlando1007
Mar 07World Electron1117751 — 125Gorillaz-Pride924
Mar 07World Electron1128761 — 124LeetPro930
Mar 01WePlay Dota 2 1147511 — 349Team Empire1142
Feb 28WePlay Dota 2 1114122 — 188Gambit Esports1361
Feb 26WePlay Dota 2 1089462 — 054PAVAGA1112
Jan 12QIWI TEAM PLAY1088672 — 133Hippomaniacs990
Jan 10QIWI TEAM PLAY1110681 — 232Kaipi1011
Jan 07QIWI TEAM PLAY1098792 — 021Anticoagulation927
Jan 04Loot Bet Winte1101421 — 258PAVAGA1141
Jan 04Loot Bet Winte1117310 — 269Alliance1226