The Final TribeThe Final Tribe1113

The Final Tribe - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Jul 14The Internatio1141420 — 358Chaos Esports Club1180
Jul 13The Internatio1135592 — 141Hippomaniacs1086
Jul 13The Internatio1117412 — 159Chaos Esports Club1165
Jul 12The Internatio1106561 — 044Team Singularity1064
Jul 12The Internatio1097621 — 038Bald1014
Jul 12The Internatio1111590 — 141Hippomaniacs1048
Jul 11The Internatio1099481 — 052Anti-MagE-1114
Jul 11The Internatio1114630 — 137Aachen City Esports1026
Jul 11The Internatio1105641 — 036six eight two1008
Jul 11The Internatio1090381 — 062Chaos Esports Club1176
May 26Qi Invitationa1107611 — 239PRIES Gaming1050
May 25Qi Invitationa1088622 — 038SexyAsF1026
May 25Qi Invitationa1097350 — 165Winstrike Team1205
May 24StarLadder Imb1111250 — 275Alliance1252
May 24StarLadder Imb1091582 — 042Aachen City Esports1047
May 24StarLadder Imb1103200 — 280Ninjas in Pyjamas1283
May 23StarLadder Imb1083552 — 045Hippomaniacs1026
May 23StarLadder Imb1097310 — 269Alliance1238
May 16EPICENTER Majo1083291 — 071Alliance1236
May 16EPICENTER Majo1087150 — 185Team Liquid1389
May 16EPICENTER Majo1075531 — 047Team Singularity1037
May 15EPICENTER Majo1092670 — 133Aachen City Esports970
May 15EPICENTER Majo109360 — 194Team Secret1576
May 15EPICENTER Majo1098190 — 181OG1355
May 15EPICENTER Majo1104260 — 174Ninjas in Pyjamas1309
Apr 21Adrenaline Cyb1127380 — 262Old But Gold1191
Apr 19Adrenaline Cyb1111692 — 031Vega Squadron1006
Apr 19Adrenaline Cyb1102532 — 147Ranked allstars1086
Apr 11GG Bet Birming1117260 — 274Team Empire1251
Apr 10GG Bet Birming1093482 — 052Black Hornets Gaming1103
Apr 08GG Bet Birming1099230 — 177Gambit Esports1307
Apr 06OGA Dota PIT M1112530 — 147SexyAsF1070
Apr 05OGA Dota PIT M1139771 — 223Freelancers988
Mar 30MDL Disneyland1154260 — 274OG1293
Mar 30MDL Disneyland1130292 — 171Ninjas in Pyjamas1251
Mar 28MDL Disneyland1128231 — 277OG1283
Mar 28MDL Disneyland1106452 — 155SexyAsF1132
Mar 28MDL Disneyland111030 — 297Team Secret1537
Mar 24MDL Disneyland1105762 — 024Unchained Esports954
Mar 24MDL Disneyland1105--2 — 1--Somewhat GoodPROV
Mar 08World Electron1112671 — 133FATE987
Mar 08World Electron1115521 — 148Room 3101101
Mar 08World Electron1104301 — 170TNC Predator1257
Mar 07World Electron1064152 — 085White-Off1366
Mar 07World Electron1066571 — 143Team Team1015
Feb 27WePlay Dota 2 1080581 — 242Team Singularity1034
Feb 14WePlay Esports1088441 — 256PAVAGA1125
Feb 14WePlay Esports1075451 — 055Old But Gold1097
Feb 12WePlay Esports1060401 — 060Team Empire1132
Feb 10WePlay Esports1085570 — 243Vega Squadron1056