Super Perfect Team - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Jan 11Gold Series He1064523 — 148Beyond The Game1051
Sep 19Gold Series He1070442 — 356TheOne1100
Sep 18Gold Series He1048593 — 141Chall Enge1000
Sep 12Gold Series He1020542 — 046Chall Enge993
Sep 11Gold Series He1052530 — 247Beyond The Game1034
Sep 11Gold Series He1067771 — 123RPG850
Sep 10Gold Series He1091851 — 115Team Nut789
Sep 10Gold Series He1082852 — 015KT775
Sep 05Gold Series He1047432 — 057TheOne1099
Sep 05Gold Series He1057721 — 128A-Team888
Sep 05Gold Series He1065571 — 143Chall Enge1014
Sep 03Gold Series He1100590 — 241Beyond The Game1036
Aug 29Gold Series He1101--2 — 0--RPGPROV
Aug 29Gold Series He1101--2 — 0--Team NutPROV
Aug 28Gold Series He1091842 — 016KT800
Aug 28Gold Series He1089531 — 147TheOne1071
Aug 27Gold Series He1112831 — 117A-Team839
Aug 182018 Heroes of1139260 — 374Ballistix1274
Aug 172018 Heroes of1120732 — 027Chall Enge980
Aug 172018 Heroes of1145390 — 261BlossoM1207
Jul 25Gold Series He1111383 — 262TheOne1173
Jul 25Gold Series He1100473 — 253Chall Enge1118
Jul 18Gold Series He1072542 — 046Beyond The Game1047
Jul 18Gold Series He1106560 — 244Chall Enge1064
Jul 17Gold Series He1094812 — 019RPG835
Jul 16Gold Series He1083812 — 019Team Nut827
Jul 11Gold Series He1073842 — 016A-Team779
Jul 11Gold Series He1103500 — 250TheOne1103
Jul 10Gold Series He1090782 — 022KT867
Jul 10Gold Series He1098581 — 142Beyond The Game1043
Jul 09Gold Series He1072572 — 043Chall Enge1019
Jul 04Gold Series He1059792 — 021RPG826
Jul 04Gold Series He1041722 — 028Team Nut879
Jul 03Gold Series He1041--2 — 0--A-TeamPROV
Jul 03Gold Series He1047531 — 147TheOne1024
Jul 02Gold Series He1035741 — 126KT848
Apr 24Gold Series He1083590 — 341Beyond The Game1035
Apr 18Gold Series He1093611 — 139Beyond The Game1013
Apr 17Gold Series He1088471 — 153Chall Enge1108
Apr 16Gold Series He1074782 — 022RPG853
Apr 12Gold Series He1057732 — 027KT878
Apr 11Gold Series He1073791 — 121Start Over Again843
Apr 10Gold Series He1072541 — 146TheOne1041
Apr 09Gold Series He1059792 — 021Sunny Lion822
Apr 04Gold Series He1073671 — 133Beyond The Game945
Apr 03Gold Series He1108570 — 243Chall Enge1059
Apr 02Gold Series He1097832 — 017RPG817
Mar 28Gold Series He1076642 — 036Start Over Again974
Mar 27Gold Series He1091701 — 130TheOne941
Mar 26Gold Series He1111781 — 122Sunny Lion889