KT - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Sep 18Gold Series He907390 — 361Chall Enge965
Sep 17Gold Series He865503 — 050RPG865
Sep 17Gold Series He824393 — 161A-Team881
Sep 17Gold Series He812573 — 143Team Nut776
Sep 12Gold Series He810411 — 159RPG873
Sep 12Gold Series He789141 — 186TheOne1105
Sep 11Gold Series He753422 — 058Team Nut814
Sep 10Gold Series He765190 — 281Beyond The Game1019
Sep 10Gold Series He775150 — 285Super Perfect Team1082
Sep 05Gold Series He730272 — 073A-Team902
Sep 04Gold Series He743190 — 281Chall Enge1003
Sep 04Gold Series He734341 — 166RPG848
Sep 03Gold Series He747140 — 286TheOne1059
Sep 03Gold Series He747--1 — 1--Team NutPROV
Aug 29Gold Series He784200 — 280Beyond The Game1026
Aug 28Gold Series He800160 — 284Super Perfect Team1091
Aug 27Gold Series He833440 — 256A-Team876
Aug 27Gold Series He809181 — 182Chall Enge1074
Jul 23Gold Series He805480 — 352A-Team815
Jul 18Gold Series He812120 — 288TheOne1166
Jul 18Gold Series He843510 — 249RPG838
Jul 17Gold Series He813502 — 050Team Nut812
Jul 16Gold Series He829260 — 274Beyond The Game1010
Jul 16Gold Series He843220 — 278Chall Enge1065
Jul 11Gold Series He853621 — 138A-Team768
Jul 10Gold Series He867220 — 278Super Perfect Team1090
Jul 10Gold Series He883260 — 274TheOne1071
Jul 09Gold Series He894621 — 138RPG809
Jul 09Gold Series He930610 — 239Team Nut851
Jul 04Gold Series He954380 — 262Beyond The Game1036
Jul 03Gold Series He894242 — 076Chall Enge1099
Jul 02Gold Series He894--2 — 0--A-TeamPROV
Jul 02Gold Series He848261 — 174Super Perfect Team1035
Apr 23Gold Series He865532 — 347RPG851
Apr 18Gold Series He884310 — 269TheOne1026
Apr 17Gold Series He855522 — 048RPG839
Apr 16Gold Series He862561 — 144Sunny Lion820
Apr 12Gold Series He878270 — 273Super Perfect Team1057
Apr 11Gold Series He895270 — 273Chall Enge1068
Apr 10Gold Series He910611 — 139Start Over Again834
Apr 09Gold Series He895411 — 159Beyond The Game956
Apr 04Gold Series HePROV--0 — 2--TheOne1032
Apr 03Gold Series HePROV--2 — 0--RPG803
Apr 02Gold Series HePROV--2 — 0--Sunny Lion858
Mar 28Gold Series HePROV--0 — 2--Chall Enge1036
Mar 27Gold Series HePROV--0 — 2--Start Over Again984
Mar 26Gold Series HePROV--1 — 1--Beyond The Game951
Sep 27Gold Series He971571 — 143RPG924
Sep 26Gold Series He974491 — 151TheOne981
Sep 25Gold Series He979--1 — 1--Hots Lady872