RPG - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Aug 05Gold Series HePROV--0 — 2--KiTN900
Aug 05Gold Series HePROV--0 — 2--Chall Enge1167
Jul 29Gold Series HePROV--2 — 1--Fe5PROV
Jul 22Gold Series HePROV--2 — 0--PROV
Sep 17Gold Series He865500 — 350KT865
Sep 12Gold Series He873591 — 141KT810
Sep 12Gold Series He865311 — 169Chall Enge1002
Sep 11Gold Series He850231 — 177Super Perfect Team1067
Sep 11Gold Series He886590 — 241A-Team822
Sep 10Gold Series He904290 — 271TheOne1064
Sep 05Gold Series He890601 — 040Team Nut816
Sep 05Gold Series He842232 — 077Beyond The Game1050
Sep 04Gold Series He848661 — 134KT734
Sep 03Gold Series HePROV--0 — 2--Chall Enge992
Aug 29Gold Series HePROV--0 — 2--Super Perfect Team1101
Aug 29Gold Series HePROV--2 — 0--A-Team880
Aug 28Gold Series HePROV--1 — 1--TheOne1068
Aug 27Gold Series HePROV--2 — 0--Team NutPROV
Aug 27Gold Series HePROV--0 — 2--Beyond The Game966
Jul 23Gold Series He884711 — 329A-Team771
Jul 18Gold Series He869211 — 179Chall Enge1099
Jul 18Gold Series He838492 — 051KT843
Jul 17Gold Series He835190 — 281Super Perfect Team1094
Jul 16Gold Series He838611 — 139A-Team762
Jul 16Gold Series He833251 — 175Beyond The Game1029
Jul 11Gold Series He794382 — 062Team Nut881
Jul 10Gold Series He804160 — 284TheOne1093
Jul 10Gold Series He828280 — 272Chall Enge993
Jul 09Gold Series He809381 — 162KT894
Jul 04Gold Series He826210 — 279Super Perfect Team1059
Jul 04Gold Series He826--0 — 2--A-TeamPROV
Jul 03Gold Series He802181 — 182Beyond The Game1071
Jul 02Gold Series He843550 — 245Team Nut811
Jul 02Gold Series He869330 — 267TheOne998
Apr 24Gold Series He871241 — 376Beyond The Game1023
Apr 23Gold Series He851473 — 253KT865
Apr 23Gold Series He843553 — 245Start Over Again814
Apr 23Gold Series He800493 — 051Sunny Lion807
Apr 18Gold Series He810160 — 284Chall Enge1103
Apr 17Gold Series He839480 — 252KT855
Apr 16Gold Series He853220 — 278Super Perfect Team1074
Apr 12Gold Series He835251 — 175TheOne1026
Apr 11Gold Series He857370 — 263Beyond The Game955
Apr 10Gold Series He865581 — 142Sunny Lion809
Apr 09Gold Series He831442 — 056Start Over Again877
Apr 04Gold Series He803161 — 184Chall Enge1094
Apr 03Gold Series He803--0 — 2--KTPROV
Apr 02Gold Series He817170 — 283Super Perfect Team1097
Mar 28Gold Series He795291 — 171Beyond The Game952
Mar 27Gold Series He773301 — 170Sunny Lion923