TheOne - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Jun 04Gold Series He1282693 — 131Chall Enge1179
Jun 03Gold Series He1250663 — 034Beyond The Game1165
Jun 03Gold Series He1226803 — 020Super Perfect Team1049
May 28Gold Series He1233781 — 122Boluo1009
May 27Gold Series He1227902 — 010KG843
May 21Gold Series He1238611 — 139Beyond The Game1155
May 20Gold Series He1231892 — 011OFD871
May 14Gold Series He1202532 — 047Chall Enge1179
May 13Gold Series He1183692 — 031Super Perfect Team1042
May 07Gold Series He1209861 — 114KiTN888
May 06Gold Series He1194752 — 025Boluo998
Apr 30Gold Series He1194--2 — 0--KGPROV
Apr 29Gold Series He1208681 — 132Beyond The Game1078
Apr 23Gold Series He1208--2 — 0--OFDPROV
Apr 22Gold Series He1215661 — 134Chall Enge1101
Apr 16Gold Series He1193642 — 036Super Perfect Team1094
Apr 15Gold Series He1193--1 — 1--KiTNPROV
Apr 09Gold Series He1130--2 — 0--KiTNPROV
Nov 022018 Heroes of114540 — 296Gen.G esports1535
Oct 272018 Heroes of1133451 — 155HeroesHearth1171
Oct 262018 Heroes of1105532 — 047Mindfreak1081
Oct 262018 Heroes of111190 — 291Dignitas1509
Oct 252018 Heroes of1106231 — 177Leftovers1318
Oct 252018 Heroes of1083171 — 183Tempest1356
Sep 19Gold Series He1111622 — 338Beyond The Game1045
Sep 19Gold Series He1100563 — 244Super Perfect Team1070
Sep 12Gold Series He1084742 — 026A-Team896
Sep 12Gold Series He1105861 — 114KT789
Sep 11Gold Series He1109611 — 139Beyond The Game1031
Sep 11Gold Series He1082562 — 044Chall Enge1038
Sep 10Gold Series He1064712 — 029RPG904
Sep 05Gold Series He1099570 — 243Super Perfect Team1047
Sep 04Gold Series He1087812 — 019Team Nut828
Sep 04Gold Series He1070712 — 029A-Team911
Sep 03Gold Series He1059862 — 014KT747
Sep 03Gold Series He1055521 — 148Beyond The Game1038
Aug 29Gold Series He1068601 — 140Chall Enge997
Aug 28Gold Series He1068--1 — 1--RPGPROV
Aug 28Gold Series He1071471 — 153Super Perfect Team1089
Aug 27Gold Series He1071--2 — 0--Team NutPROV
Aug 172018 Heroes of1117781 — 222Beyond The Game943
Aug 172018 Heroes of1137270 — 273Ballistix1276
Jul 25Gold Series He1173622 — 338Super Perfect Team1111
Jul 18Gold Series He1166882 — 012KT812
Jul 17Gold Series He1160912 — 09A-Team761
Jul 17Gold Series He1169691 — 131Beyond The Game1027
Jul 16Gold Series He1144592 — 041Chall Enge1079
Jul 11Gold Series He1134842 — 016Team Nut844
Jul 11Gold Series He1103502 — 050Super Perfect Team1103
Jul 10Gold Series He1093842 — 016RPG804