Chall Enge - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Sep 18Gold Series He1000411 — 359Super Perfect Team1048
Sep 18Gold Series He965613 — 039KT907
Sep 12Gold Series He993460 — 254Super Perfect Team1020
Sep 12Gold Series He1002691 — 131RPG865
Sep 11Gold Series He1011701 — 130A-Team865
Sep 11Gold Series He1038440 — 256TheOne1082
Sep 10Gold Series He1024782 — 022Team Nut803
Sep 05Gold Series He1022531 — 147Beyond The Game1002
Sep 05Gold Series He1014431 — 157Super Perfect Team1065
Sep 04Gold Series He1003812 — 019KT743
Sep 03Gold Series He992--2 — 0--RPGPROV
Aug 29Gold Series He1010681 — 132A-Team880
Aug 29Gold Series He997401 — 160TheOne1068
Aug 28Gold Series He997--2 — 0--Team NutPROV
Aug 28Gold Series He1044610 — 239Beyond The Game966
Aug 27Gold Series He1074821 — 118KT809
Aug 172018 Heroes of980270 — 273Super Perfect Team1120
Aug 172018 Heroes of1106130 — 287Tempest1363
Jul 25Gold Series He1118532 — 347Super Perfect Team1100
Jul 24Gold Series He1083623 — 038Beyond The Game1020
Jul 18Gold Series He1099791 — 121RPG869
Jul 18Gold Series He1064442 — 056Super Perfect Team1106
Jul 17Gold Series He1054832 — 017A-Team772
Jul 16Gold Series He1079410 — 259TheOne1144
Jul 16Gold Series He1065782 — 022KT843
Jul 11Gold Series He1032452 — 055Beyond The Game1068
Jul 10Gold Series He1010652 — 035Team Nut903
Jul 10Gold Series He993722 — 028RPG828
Jul 09Gold Series He1019430 — 257Super Perfect Team1072
Jul 04Gold Series He1019--2 — 0--A-TeamPROV
Jul 04Gold Series He1052540 — 246TheOne1024
Jul 03Gold Series He1099760 — 224KT894
Jul 03Gold Series He1107561 — 144Beyond The Game1061
Jul 02Gold Series He1096822 — 018Team Nut829
Jun 132018 Heroes of1095341 — 166HeroesHearth1211
Jun 122018 Heroes of1112270 — 273Tempest1284
Jun 112018 Heroes of1093702 — 030Luna Meow942
Jun 102018 Heroes of1105180 — 282Dignitas1369
Jun 092018 Heroes of1129390 — 261Method HotS1209
Apr 25Gold Series He1113573 — 143TheOne1075
Apr 18Gold Series He1103842 — 016RPG810
Apr 17Gold Series He1108531 — 147Super Perfect Team1088
Apr 16Gold Series He1096812 — 019Start Over Again838
Apr 12Gold Series He1084812 — 019Sunny Lion832
Apr 11Gold Series He1068732 — 027KT895
Apr 10Gold Series He1075671 — 133Beyond The Game947
Apr 09Gold Series He1074551 — 145TheOne1042
Apr 04Gold Series He1094841 — 116RPG803
Apr 03Gold Series He1059432 — 057Super Perfect Team1108
Apr 02Gold Series He1036632 — 037Start Over Again945