Avant GardeAvant Garde902
Team Performance by Map
Map W% GP Rating
cache49 4-5
dust217 3-29
inferno25 2-33
mirage51 4-0
nuke61 2-13
overpass35 2-12
train18 1-28

Avant Garde - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Nov 13Asia Minor Oce927640 — 236TRIDENT857
Nov 10Gfinity Elite 820471 — 053Chiefs eSports Club846
Nov 09ESL ANZ Champi897130 — 187Grayhound Gaming1199
Nov 09ESL ANZ Champi911520 — 148madlikewizards898
Nov 03Gfinity Elite 898641 — 036Deceptors781
Sep 13ESL ANZ Champi827331 — 167Rise and Grind939
Sep 10CyberGamer Pre833450 — 255SYF Gaming878
Sep 04CyberGamer Pre844562 — 044TRIDENT817
Aug 28CyberGamer Pre865510 — 249Rise and Grind868
Aug 25eXTREMESLAND Z843110 — 289Tainted Minds1093
Aug 25eXTREMESLAND Z826432 — 057Dynasty AU880
Aug 24eXTREMESLAND Z854220 — 278Legacy eSports1010
Aug 23ESL ANZ Champi863220 — 278Tainted Minds1056
Aug 17ESEA Season 28837312 — 069Dynasty AU937
Aug 16ESL ANZ Champi836521 — 148Surge eSports Club832
Aug 09ESL ANZ Champi816120 — 288ORDER1156
Aug 08ESEA Season 28883--2 — 0--Devious CSPROV
Aug 02ESL ANZ Champi845--2 — 0--FinessePROV
Aug 02ESEA Season 28883--2 — 0--SummitPROV
Jul 22CyberGamer Pre889300 — 270Legacy eSports988
Jul 21CyberGamer Pre872502 — 050SYF Gaming883
Jul 21CyberGamer Pre889230 — 177Chiefs eSports Club1079
Jul 10CyberGamer Pre915320 — 268Chiefs eSports Club1044
Jul 07Gfinity Elite 914260 — 274Chiefs eSports Club1046
Jul 03CyberGamer Pre891662 — 034Ground Zero Gaming794
Jul 01CyberGamer Pre874301 — 170Legacy eSports1001
Jun 30Gfinity Elite 852311 — 069Roar985
Jun 23Gfinity Elite 903460 — 154Chiefs eSports Club936
Jun 18CyberGamer Pre929450 — 255SYF Gaming962
Jun 18CyberGamer Pre896692 — 031TABOO773
Jun 16Gfinity Elite 886601 — 040Deceptors840
Jun 12CyberGamer Pre852180 — 282Grayhound Gaming1102
Jun 11CyberGamer Pre898541 — 146Dark Sided890
Jun 09Gfinity Elite 875641 — 036ORDER828
Jun 02Gfinity Elite 896660 — 134Ground Zero Gaming782
May 26Asia Minor Cha863470 — 153Streamline919
Mar 27CyberGamer Pre894540 — 146TABOO874
Mar 27CyberGamer Pre903590 — 241TABOO858
Mar 27CyberGamer Pre907610 — 139TABOO861
Mar 25ESL Pro League892581 — 242Lucky7836
Mar 25ESL Pro League891--1 — 0--eZaFPROV
Mar 20CyberGamer Pre911471 — 053ex-Athletico939
Mar 20CyberGamer Pre915471 — 153ex-Athletico923
Mar 20CyberGamer Pre921440 — 156ex-Athletico927
Mar 12CyberGamer Pre872550 — 145Ground Zero Gaming846
Mar 12CyberGamer Pre863491 — 151Ground Zero Gaming857
Mar 12CyberGamer Pre861461 — 054Ground Zero Gaming858
Mar 06CyberGamer Pre868330 — 167corvidae968
Mar 06CyberGamer Pre909410 — 259corvidae957
Mar 06CyberGamer Pre908390 — 161corvidae956