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ALTERNATE aTTaX - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Feb 28United Masters99745Bo255Red Reserve1033
Feb 16DreamHack Leip974641 — 036Unicorns of Love926
Feb 16DreamHack Leip983560 — 144Expert eSport954
Feb 14ESEA Season 30995490 — 151Red Reserve1021
Feb 12United Masters976632 — 037HAVU906
Feb 12ESEA Season 30975550 — 145Virtus.Pro951
Feb 11ESL Meistersch957472 — 053Unicorns of Love982
Feb 11ESEA Season 30937411 — 059Chaos.1025
Feb 11United Masters915612 — 039Vexed Gaming878
Feb 07ESEA Season 30883491 — 051Team LDLC895
Feb 05Loot Bet Hotsh892261 — 274NoChance1009
Feb 05Loot Bet Hotsh917230 — 2773DMAX.CS1067
Feb 05United Masters939400 — 260Red Reserve1016
Feb 04ESL Meistersch943--1 — 1--PANTHERSPROV
Feb 02Assembly Winte986570 — 243SuperJymy958
Feb 02Assembly Winte1023791 — 221HAVU877
Jan 29United Masters989472 — 053Tricked Esport1009
Jan 28ESL Meistersch989--2 — 0--BLUEJAYSPROV
Jan 28United Masters1037780 — 222Team LDLC877
Jan 22United Masters1039752 — 025Euronics Gaming868
Jan 21ESL Meistersch1021--2 — 0--Euronics GamingPROV
Jan 16United Masters1052590 — 241x6tence Galaxy982
Jan 15Loot Bet Hotsh1029622 — 038unknown955
Jan 15Loot Bet Hotsh1014492 — 151NoChance1011
Jan 14Loot Bet Hotsh1014--2 — 1--Copenhagen Flames.CSPROV
Jan 13Loot Bet HotshPROV--2 — 1--Dragons Esports ClubPROV
Jan 08United MastersPROV--1 — 1--AGO Gaming1000
Jan 07United MastersPROV--1 — 1--HAVUPROV
Dec 19United MastersPROV--0 — 2--SproutPROV
Dec 18United MastersPROV--0 — 2--ValiancePROV
Dec 17United MastersPROV--1 — 1--3DMAX.CSPROV
Dec 15ESL MeisterschPROV--0 — 2--Expert eSportPROV
Dec 15ESL Meistersch1043392 — 061PANTHERS1084
Dec 13United Masters1046561 — 144Expert eSport986
Dec 13United Masters1071460 — 2543DMAX.CS1084
Dec 12NoxFire League1069391 — 261x6tence Galaxy1105
Dec 11United Masters1023252 — 075Windigo1161
Dec 10United Masters990462 — 054Vexed Gaming1021
Dec 06United Masters1017550 — 245Tricked Esport960
Nov 28United Masters1046290 — 271AGO Gaming1182
Nov 28NoxFire League1032190 — 281Windigo1185
Nov 26United Masters1028411 — 159Expert eSport1082
Nov 23United Masters1059601 — 140Euronics Gaming978
Nov 20United Masters1088320 — 268Sprout1206
Nov 20NoxFire League1061272 — 1733DMAX.CS1152
Nov 17ESL Meistersch1061722 — 028EYES ON U.CS907
Nov 12NoxFire League1046411 — 059x6tence Galaxy1087
Nov 09ESEA Season 291016341 — 066Epsilon1144
Nov 08ESEA Season 291043430 — 157Virtus.Pro1141
Nov 08ESEA Season 291048420 — 158x6tence Galaxy1086