Gorillaz-Pride - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Oct 0392024Bo276Infamous1122
Oct 0392029Bo271Team Odd1074
Oct 03914411 — 159EgoBoys980
Sep 28909--2 — 0--All In GamingPROV
Sep 26928520 — 248Vicious Gaming916
Sep 19939320 — 268Thunder Predator1074
Sep 17924161 — 184Infamous1216
Jul 08The Internatio925240 — 176paiN Gaming1121
Jul 08The Internatio934360 — 164Thunder Predator1033
Jul 08The Internatio944440 — 156FURIA Esports961
Jul 07The Internatio951260 — 174Infamous1132
Jul 07The Internatio936411 — 059SG e-sports997
Jul 07The Internatio919281 — 072Team Ham1082
Jul 07The Internatio931500 — 150EgoBoys946
Jul 06The Internatio1022652 — 035Vicious Gaming941
Jul 06The Internatio1011452 — 155S-Class1036
Jun 27joinDOTA Leagu1001593 — 141Team Xolotl956
Jun 26joinDOTA Leagu993552 — 145EgoBoys966
Jun 24joinDOTA Leagu1011650 — 235Team Xolotl928
Jun 21Liga Pro Gamin1020580 — 142Team X965
Jun 19Liga Pro Gamin1053720 — 228Vicious Gaming930
Jun 14Liga Pro Gamin1070520 — 148Unknown 3.01055
Jun 14joinDOTA Leagu1057--2 — 0--Big LionsPROV
Jun 10joinDOTA Leagu1051--1 — 1--Team SouthPROV
Jun 06joinDOTA Leagu1051--1 — 1--Started From The PotmPROV
Jun 06joinDOTA Leagu1051--2 — 0--GlazedGaming.CAPROV
May 27WePlay! Dota 21051--0 — 2--Team AnvorgesaPROV
May 24StarLadder Imb1051--0 — 2--Team AnvorgesaPROV
May 23StarLadder Imb1026422 — 058Thunder Predator1067
May 23StarLadder Imb1009562 — 044Team Anvorgesa976
May 18EPICENTER Majo1036590 — 241EgoBoys1003
May 17EPICENTER Majo1003322 — 068Thunder Predator1104
May 17EPICENTER Majo1006331 — 267Infamous1097
May 16EPICENTER Majo989321 — 068paiN Gaming1118
May 16EPICENTER Majo937320 — 168Infamous1071
May 16EPICENTER Majo948440 — 156EgoBoys986
May 15EPICENTER Majo932381 — 062FreeStyle1015
May 15EPICENTER Majo932--1 — 0--SG e-sportsPROV
May 15EPICENTER Majo924641 — 036Midas Club823
May 15EPICENTER Majo904201 — 080Thunder Predator1142
May 10joinDOTA Leagu89891 — 391Thunder Predator1149
May 09joinDOTA Leagu872412 — 059Team Xolotl920
May 09joinDOTA Leagu872--2 — 0--WitchdoctorGGPROV
May 04joinDOTA Leagu872--2 — 0--DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Uncle PhilsPROV
Apr 25Liga Pro Gamin879300 — 1700-900 Luccini1022
Apr 24Liga Pro Gamin879--1 — 0--Nicolnet E-sportPROV
Apr 23joinDOTA Leagu902510 — 249Team Xolotl896
Apr 19joinDOTA Leagu871282 — 072Team WOLF997
Apr 19joinDOTA Leagu871--2 — 0--GlazedGaming.CAPROV
Apr 17Liga Pro Gamin890280 — 2720-900 Luccini1017