Team SerenityTeam Serenity1160

Team Serenity - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Dec 23The China Hope1174501 — 250Keen Gaming1176
Dec 23The China Hope1164512 — 149IamPoint Club1167
Dec 23The China Hope1176531 — 247Keen Gaming1164
Dec 22The China Hope1176--2 — 1--For The DreamPROV
Dec 21The China Hope1178591 — 141DeathBringer Gaming1116
Dec 19The China Hope1166732 — 027Keen Gaming.Luminous995
Dec 19The China Hope1157802 — 020Winning Gaming914
Dec 18The China Hope1157--2 — 0--Aurora Esports ClubPROV
Dec 18The China Hope1148812 — 019Eclipse895
Dec 02The Bucharest 1159481 — 252Keen Gaming1166
Dec 02The Bucharest 1184731 — 027For The Dream1016
Nov 27The Chongqing 1174440 — 156Newbee1219
Nov 26The Chongqing 1193770 — 123NewBee Young983
Nov 26The Chongqing 1189831 — 017TeamDoctor926
Nov 04Dota2 Professi1210782 — 122Aurora Esports Club1038
Nov 04Dota2 Professi1209672 — 133Mr Game Boy1119
Oct 28STARLUCK DOTA21252371 — 263EHOME1321
Oct 28STARLUCK DOTA21245692 — 131Team EVER1140
Oct 27STARLUCK DOTA21242672 — 133Team Root1150
Oct 27STARLUCK DOTA21231832 — 017Aurora Esports Club1030
Oct 26STARLUCK DOTA21252721 — 228Team EVER1132
Oct 24STARLUCK DOTA21235622 — 038Team Root1148
Oct 24STARLUCK DOTA21226802 — 020iG Vitality979
Oct 23STARLUCK DOTA21215752 — 025Aurora Esports Club1019
Oct 22STARLUCK DOTA21216852 — 015NewBee Young912
Oct 22STARLUCK DOTA21210892 — 011MAX.Y848
Oct 16World Showdown1180412 — 059J.Storm1230
Oct 15World Showdown1158512 — 049The Final Tribe1150
Oct 14World Showdown1142341 — 066Alliance1257
Oct 14World Showdown1157620 — 138HAPPYGUYS1071
Oct 14World Showdown1143431 — 057paiN X1195
Oct 01WESG 2018 Chin1171540 — 146Keen Gaming1140
Oct 01WESG 2018 Chin1186630 — 137EHOME1094
Oct 01WESG 2018 Chin1201610 — 139Keen Gaming1125
Oct 01WESG 2018 Chin1201--1 — 0--YzPROV
Oct 01WESG 2018 Chin1192621 — 038EHOME1104
Sep 30ESL One Hambur1218610 — 239Newbee1155
Sep 29ESL One Hambur1200632 — 037Keen Gaming1131
Sep 29ESL One Hambur1220621 — 238Newbee1153
Sep 28ESL One Hambur1212572 — 143Royal Never Give Up1169
Sep 28ESL One Hambur1212--2 — 0--StarluckPROV
Sep 26DreamLeague Se1227581 — 242Royal Never Give Up1179
Sep 25DreamLeague Se1218632 — 137Royal Never Give Up1143
Sep 25DreamLeague Se1211632 — 137EHOME1143
Sep 17The Kuala Lump1223521 — 248Team Aster1215
Sep 17The Kuala Lump1211462 — 154Newbee1229
Sep 17The Kuala Lump1208722 — 128DeathBringer Gaming1086
Sep 15The Kuala Lump1224622 — 138Royal Never Give Up1161
Sep 15The Kuala Lump1229581 — 242Team Aster1187
Sep 15The Kuala Lump1215361 — 264Vici Gaming1292