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Keen Gaming.Luminous - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Dec 19The China Hope97827Bo273Team Serenity1148
Dec 19The China Hope97836Bo264DeathBringer Gaming1081
Dec 17The China Hope97855Bo245Winning Gaming941
Dec 17The China Hope97863Bo237Eclipse888
Dec 17The China Hope978--Bo2--Aurora Esports ClubPROV
Dec 13China Dota2 Wi993451 — 255CDEC Gaming1009
Dec 13China Dota2 Wi995290 — 171Newbee1147
Dec 11Dota2 Professi1009570 — 143iG Vitality952
Dec 11Dota2 Professi1021500 — 150CDEC Gaming1012
Dec 04ESL One Katowi1020150 — 285Team Root1244
Nov 26The Chongqing 1039460 — 254Invictus Gaming1060
Nov 26The Chongqing PROV--1 — 0--Aurora Esports ClubPROV
Nov 26The Chongqing PROV--1 — 0--Bean CakePROV
Nov 26The Chongqing 1039--1 — 0--Vampire GamingPROV
Nov 25Dota2 Professi1053200 — 280EHOME1300
Nov 24Dota2 Professi1054160 — 284Vici Gaming1346
Nov 23Dota2 Professi1046521 — 148CDEC Gaming1031
Nov 22Dota2 Professi1062701 — 130iG Vitality920
Nov 21H-Cup Season 11091530 — 147DeathBringer Gaming1082
Nov 20H-Cup Season 11016621 — 038iG Vitality932
Nov 20H-Cup Season 11002320 — 168Royal Never Give Up1134
Nov 20H-Cup Season 11016450 — 155Invictus Gaming1051
Nov 07Gladiator Cup 1049731 — 227Avalon_Club920
Nov 06Gladiator Cup 1053501 — 250Aurora Esports Club1055
Nov 02Gladiator Cup 1045702 — 030Avalon_Club891
Nov 02Gladiator Cup 1072500 — 250IamPoint Club1073
Oct 30Gladiator Cup 1092811 — 119MAX.Y841
Oct 30Gladiator Cup 1071642 — 036Source Code970
Oct 29Gladiator Cup 1118780 — 222NewBee Young893
Oct 172018 Sanya DOT1145720 — 228Mr Game Boy1023
Oct 14Asian Dota2 Le1116413 — 159DeathBringer Gaming1160
Oct 14Asian Dota2 Le1099382 — 162Keen Gaming1165
Oct 13Asian Dota2 Le1081352 — 165Team EVER1160
Oct 12Asian Dota2 Le1063612 — 039iG Vitality1002
Oct 11Asian Dota2 Le1082400 — 260DeathBringer Gaming1137
Oct 09Asian Dota2 Le1058462 — 054Mr Game Boy1078
Oct 01WESG 2018 Chin1087290 — 171Vici Gaming1243
Oct 01WESG 2018 Chin1087--0 — 1--Team WaoooPROV
Oct 01WESG 2018 Chin1076541 — 046Invictus Gaming1047
Sep 08Gladiator Cup 1087750 — 225Source Code943
Sep 07Gladiator Cup 1128580 — 242Avalon_Club1079
Sep 02Gladiator Cup 1125441 — 156Team EVER1164
Sep 02Gladiator Cup 1108682 — 032We Are Young975
Sep 02Gladiator Cup 1090702 — 030Source Code944
Aug 30Gladiator Cup 1108761 — 124Cola903
Aug 30Gladiator Cup 1108--2 — 0--MAX.YPROV
Aug 12China Hope Aug1127631 — 237For The Dream1057
Aug 11China Hope Aug1148450 — 255Keen Gaming1174
Aug 06China Hope Aug1133602 — 040For The Dream1059
Aug 04China Hope Aug1140741 — 126CAVALRY958