Eclipse - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Oct 07Asian Pro Leag904422 — 058Aurora Esports Club962
Oct 05Asian Pro Leag923420 — 258Sterling Global Dragons981
Oct 05Asian Pro Leag917421 — 158Invictus Gaming975
Oct 04Asian Pro Leag910371 — 163CDEC Gaming996
Oct 03Asian Pro Leag913100 — 290TNC Predator1302
Oct 01Asian Pro Leag907311 — 169Neon Esports1043
Sep 28ESL One Hambur917481 — 252NewBee Young920
Sep 07Gladiator Cup 913490 — 251Source Code920
Sep 06Gladiator Cup 918--0 — 2--IamPoint ClubPROV
Sep 05Gladiator Cup 884382 — 062NewBee Young966
Sep 04Gladiator Cup 884--1 — 1--Avalon_ClubPROV
Sep 03Gladiator Cup 910370 — 263EHOME.Immortal1004
Sep 03Gladiator Cup 910--1 — 1--Winning GamingPROV
Aug 11China Hope Aug991410 — 259For The Dream1038
Aug 10China Hope Aug970552 — 045We Are Young933
Aug 09China Hope Aug982260 — 274Keen Gaming1162
Aug 09China Hope Aug982--2 — 0--Winning GamingPROV
Aug 09China Hope Aug1011620 — 238Aurora Esports Club926
Aug 07China Hope Aug1035540 — 246Team MAX1005
Jun 27Dota2 Professi1058480 — 252NewBee Young1068
Jun 26Dota2 Professi1087690 — 231CDEC Gaming987
May 27Dota2 Professi1121560 — 344Keen Gaming.Luminous1090
May 27Dota2 Professi1121--2 — 0--NewBee YoungPROV
May 26Dota2 Professi1122652 — 035Team Waooo1039
May 25Dota2 Professi1108762 — 024Aurora Esports Club959
May 24Dota2 Professi1108--2 — 1--EHOME.ImmortalPROV
May 24Dota2 Professi1108--1 — 2--For The DreamPROV
Apr 13Prodota Cup CN1112--2 — 0--TE-LIFEPROV
Apr 12Prodota Cup CN1101752 — 025Cola912
Apr 11Dota2 Professi1131660 — 234Rock Gaming1018
Apr 09Dota2 Professi1131--2 — 0--TE-LIFEPROV
Apr 08Prodota Cup CN1139721 — 128Aurora Esports Club975
Apr 08Prodota Cup CN1142601 — 140Keen Gaming.Luminous1071
Apr 07Dota2 Professi1142--2 — 0--Source CodePROV
Apr 06Dota2 Professi1120502 — 050Team Waooo1123
Apr 05Dota2 Professi1120--2 — 0--Team BraveheartPROV
Apr 02Dota2 Professi1099552 — 045EHOME.Immortal1061
Mar 31Dota2 Professi1130680 — 232Keen Gaming.Luminous1002
Mar 27Dota2 Professi1135641 — 136NewBee Young1034
Mar 26Dota2 Professi1122702 — 030KDB969
Mar 21Dota2 Professi1124511 — 149Rock.Y1111
Mar 03ANGGAME China 1152640 — 236Team Admiral1079
Mar 03ANGGAME China 1134642 — 036Clutch Gamers1059
Mar 02ANGGAME China 1111472 — 053Rock.Y1128
Mar 01ANGGAME China 1129591 — 241Team Admiral1081
Mar 01ANGGAME China 1119611 — 039Clutch Gamers1044
Feb 08Dota 2 Asia Ch1141460 — 254EHOME1161
Feb 07Dota 2 Asia Ch1154220 — 278VGJ.Thunder1316
Feb 06Dota 2 Asia Ch1136540 — 146EHOME.Keen1105
Feb 06Dota 2 Asia Ch1122571 — 043Team Serenity1081