BOOM Esports - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Sep 281157791 — 221Sterling Global Dragons988
Sep 281154672 — 133Alpha x Hashtag1060
Sep 271177681 — 232Geek Fam1075
Sep 221175662 — 134Alpha x Hashtag1086
Sep 221166671 — 033Reality Rift1045
Sep 151167--2 — 0--AlterEgoPROV
Sep 06ESL Championsh1167--1 — 1--PG.OrcaPROV
Sep 03ESL Championsh1168--2 — 0--Hans Pro GamingPROV
Aug 28ESL Championsh1168--2 — 0--AntrophyPROV
Jul 31ESL Championsh1158742 — 026EVOS Esports977
Jul 23ESL Championsh1144682 — 032The Prime1008
Jul 22ESL Championsh1130692 — 031PG.Barracx986
Jul 16ESL Indonesia 1117722 — 028AlterEgo955
Jul 08The Internatio1131560 — 144Team Adroit1092
Jul 08The Internatio1148700 — 130496 Gaming1016
Jul 07The Internatio1141721 — 028EVOS Esports994
Jul 07The Internatio1155560 — 144Team Jinesbrus1110
Jul 07The Internatio1147671 — 033Team Amplfy1025
Jul 07The Internatio1139681 — 032Resurgence1008
Jul 07The Internatio1126461 — 054Mineski1171
May 29WePlay! Dota 21121511 — 249Neon Esports1131
May 23StarLadder Imb1165741 — 226Team Adroit1031
May 23StarLadder Imb1188470 — 253Mineski1217
May 19EPICENTER Majo1207731 — 227Power of MYSG+AU1076
May 18EPICENTER Majo1223300 — 270Fnatic1331
May 18EPICENTER Majo1224772 — 123Power of MYSG+AU1057
May 17EPICENTER Majo1219801 — 020EVOS Esports985
May 17EPICENTER Majo1206471 — 053Mineski1210
May 17EPICENTER Majo1215390 — 161Fnatic1312
May 16EPICENTER Majo1207641 — 036WarriorsGaming.Unity1105
May 16EPICENTER Majo1217410 — 159TNC Predator1277
May 16EPICENTER Majo1211751 — 025Power of MYSG+AU1017
May 16EPICENTER Majo1202621 — 038Geek Fam1140
Apr 27OGA Dota PIT M1221760 — 124Majestic esports Peru1022
Apr 26OGA Dota PIT M1228411 — 259Alliance1281
Apr 26OGA Dota PIT M1212682 — 032EHOME1111
Apr 24OGA Dota PIT M1163352 — 165Ninjas in Pyjamas1245
Apr 23OGA Dota PIT M1214490 — 251Royal Never Give Up1219
Apr 22OGA Dota PIT M1195332 — 167Gambit Esports1287
Apr 06OGA Dota PIT M1147532 — 047WarriorsGaming.Unity1131
Apr 06OGA Dota PIT M1131682 — 032EVOS Esports1046
Apr 05OGA Dota PIT M1104372 — 063Neon Esports1165
Mar 31MDL Disneyland1116321 — 268Mineski1218
Mar 30MDL Disneyland1141560 — 244Neon Esports1108
Mar 30MDL Disneyland1136542 — 146WarriorsGaming.Unity1105
Mar 30MDL Disneyland1188661 — 234Neon Esports1095
Mar 29ESL Indonesia 1172863 — 014Aura Esports965
Mar 23ESL Indonesia 1158712 — 029The Prime1039
Mar 09StarLadder Imb1181741 — 226Demolition Boys1046
Mar 08StarLadder Imb1197290 — 271Gambit Esports1316