Invictus Gaming - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Sep 291274613 — 239CDEC Gaming1220
Sep 281258682 — 032Team Aster1161
Sep 281243472 — 153Royal Never Give Up1258
Sep 271266681 — 232Team Aster1165
Sep 221251582 — 142EHOME1207
Sep 221238481 — 052Keen Gaming1255
Jul 13The Internatio1284480 — 252Royal Never Give Up1295
Jul 13The Internatio1316720 — 228EHOME1204
Jul 12The Internatio1308671 — 033Newbee1186
Jul 12The Internatio1300671 — 033Team Aster1192
Jul 12The Internatio1292691 — 031Team Sirius1170
Jul 11The Internatio1283631 — 037EHOME1190
Jul 11The Internatio1275681 — 032Team Serenity1139
Jul 11The Internatio1261411 — 059Royal Never Give Up1325
Jul 11The Internatio1276640 — 136CDEC Gaming1160
Jul 04The Internatio1261682 — 032Team Serenity1162
Jul 04The Internatio1247762 — 024Typhoon E-Sports Club1093
Jun 24ZBT Invitation1278713 — 129CDEC Gaming1174
Jun 23ZBT Invitation1259602 — 040Team Aster1203
Jun 21ZBT Invitation1246762 — 024For The Dream1092
Jun 20ZBT Invitation1246--2 — 0--Aster.AquariusPROV
Jun 19ZBT Invitation1287880 — 212Keen Gaming.Luminous944
Jun 19ZBT Invitation1282882 — 012Vampire Gaming935
Jun 17ZBT Invitation1273812 — 019Team EVER1020
Jun 17ZBT Invitation1263792 — 021CDEC Gaming1036
Jun 16FVBET Asian Ma1240523 — 148Newbee1232
Jun 16FVBET Asian Ma1216472 — 053Royal1232
Jun 15FVBET Asian Ma1215692 — 131Geek Fam1109
Jun 15FVBET Asian Ma1217802 — 120CDEC Gaming1034
Jun 14FVBET Asian Ma1212781 — 022Keen Gaming.Luminous989
Jun 13FVBET Asian Ma1206872 — 013Avalon Gaming869
Jun 12FVBET Asian Ma1219751 — 125Taichi Gaming1024
Jun 11FVBET Asian Ma1203652 — 035Typhoon E-Sports Club1098
Jun 11FVBET Asian Ma1238750 — 225CDEC Gaming1043
Jun 10FVBET Asian Ma1247741 — 126Geek Fam1068
Jun 01JBO Asian Mast1265621 — 238Newbee1200
Jun 01WePlay! Dota 21276461 — 254Royal Never Give Up1297
May 31JBO Asian Mast1309770 — 223Team Aster1151
May 31WePlay! Dota 21289582 — 042EHOME1247
May 30JBO Asian Mast1271632 — 037Team Sirius1200
May 29JBO Asian Mast1271--2 — 0--Speed Gaming.cnPROV
May 28JBO Asian Mast1257682 — 032Typhoon E-Sports Club1126
May 28JBO Asian Mast1244732 — 027For The Dream1069
May 28WePlay! Dota 21232632 — 137Royal1163
May 27JBO Asian Mast1226832 — 017Keen Gaming.Luminous953
May 27JBO Asian Mast1244871 — 113Eclipse913
May 26JBO Asian Mast1229672 — 033Team Aster1102
May 12EPICENTER Majo1252661 — 234Team Sirius1164
Apr 19Asian Dota 2 L1242673 — 133NewBee Young1157
Apr 15Asian Dota 2 L1224642 — 036NewBee Young1149