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Invictus Gaming - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Oct 26STARLUCK DOTA21065570 — 143Aurora Esports Club1016
Oct 25STARLUCK DOTA21045572 — 043Starluck997
Oct 24STARLUCK DOTA21028181 — 182EHOME1298
Oct 23STARLUCK DOTA21009512 — 049Winning Gaming1003
Oct 23STARLUCK DOTA21035570 — 243CDEC Gaming983
Oct 22STARLUCK DOTA21054400 — 260Team EVER1123
Oct 172018 Sanya DOT1078540 — 246IamPoint Club1057
Oct 172018 Sanya DOT1065772 — 023NewBee Young910
Oct 14Asia Pro Leagu1081290 — 271EHOME1195
Oct 13Asia Pro Leagu1090150 — 285TNC Predator1311
Oct 12Asia Pro Leagu1069282 — 172EHOME1187
Oct 11Asian Pro Leag1052632 — 037CDEC Gaming959
Oct 11Asian Pro Leag1049471 — 153Neon Esports1069
Oct 10Asian Pro Leag1032171 — 183TNC Predator1314
Oct 09Asian Pro Leag969562 — 044Aurora Esports Club927
Oct 05Asian Pro Leag969471 — 153Sterling Global Dragons990
Oct 05Asian Pro Leag975581 — 142Eclipse917
Oct 01WESG 2018 Chin1021--0 — 1--Team WaoooPROV
Oct 01WESG 2018 Chin1030230 — 177Vici Gaming1237
Oct 01WESG 2018 Chin1047460 — 154Keen Gaming.Luminous1076
Aug 18The Internatio1162320 — 268Team Winstrike1257
Aug 18The Internatio1169150 — 285PSG.LGD1464
Aug 17The Internatio1186370 — 263OG Dota21271
Aug 17The Internatio1208480 — 252VGJ.Thunder1221
Aug 16The Internatio1224330 — 267Fnatic1346
Aug 16The Internatio1209171 — 183Team Liquid1475
Aug 16The Internatio1228400 — 260Team Winstrike1297
Aug 15The Internatio1216281 — 172Evil Geniuses1383
Aug 15The Internatio1209321 — 168Mineski1333
Jun 21The Internatio1189462 — 054LGD.Forever Young1206
Jun 20The Internatio1206571 — 243Team Serenity1172
Jun 20The Internatio1187632 — 037For The Dream1112
Jun 19The Internatio1200510 — 149LGD.Forever Young1204
Jun 19The Internatio1187451 — 055Keen Gaming1212
Jun 19The Internatio1202660 — 134Young Dumb1089
Jun 19The Internatio1216540 — 146LGD.Forever Young1193
Jun 19The Internatio1208661 — 034iG Vitality1102
Jun 18The Internatio1194431 — 057Keen Gaming1241
Jun 18The Internatio1189741 — 026CDEC Gaming1009
Jun 18The Internatio1183691 — 031For The Dream1052
Jun 18The Internatio1197610 — 139Team Serenity1109
Jun 17The Internatio1197--0 — 2--Team pacanPROV
May 18MDL Changsha M1207320 — 168Newbee1327
May 15MDL Changsha M1222330 — 267Mineski1349
May 15MDL Changsha M1210271 — 173Team Secret1381
May 14MDL Changsha M1221691 — 131iG Vitality1082
May 14MDL Changsha M1152452 — 055Infamous1185
May 14MDL Changsha M1183352 — 065OG Dota21283
Apr 30World Cyber Ar1184--2 — 0--FTD ClubPROV
Apr 29World Cyber Ar1164572 — 043Execration1128