Fnatic - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Oct 021216330 — 267Vici Gaming1306
Oct 011253672 — 133EHOME1157
Oct 011222322 — 068Vici Gaming1321
Sep 301222--2 — 0--BurNIngs LegionPROV
Aug 20The Internatio1235380 — 162Team Liquid1320
Aug 18The Internatio1252380 — 262Virtus Pro1345
Aug 18The Internatio1224392 — 061Royal Never Give Up1310
Aug 17The Internatio1237270 — 273OG1413
Aug 17The Internatio1208372 — 063Natus Vincere1317
Aug 16The Internatio1235600 — 240Infamous1162
Aug 16The Internatio1230421 — 158Ninjas in Pyjamas1284
Aug 15The Internatio1244300 — 270Vici Gaming1397
Aug 15The Internatio1240371 — 163Evil Geniuses1350
Jun 24EPICENTER Majo1277600 — 140Forward Gaming1206
Jun 22EPICENTER Majo1298440 — 256Royal Never Give Up1330
Jun 22EPICENTER Majo1304862 — 114paiN Gaming1076
Jun 22EPICENTER Majo1317481 — 252Royal Never Give Up1327
May 19EPICENTER Majo1347903 — 210Power of MYSG+AU1098
May 18EPICENTER Majo1331702 — 030BOOM Esports1223
May 18EPICENTER Majo1320812 — 019Geek Fam1134
May 17EPICENTER Majo1334580 — 142TNC Predator1283
May 17EPICENTER Majo1329801 — 020WarriorsGaming.Unity1087
May 17EPICENTER Majo1321691 — 031Geek Fam1160
May 17EPICENTER Majo1312611 — 039BOOM Esports1215
May 16EPICENTER Majo1333860 — 114Power of MYSG+AU1011
May 16EPICENTER Majo1325691 — 031Mineski1212
May 16EPICENTER Majo1322861 — 014EVOS Esports1027
May 07MDL Disneyland1334450 — 155Keen Gaming1368
May 05MDL Disneyland1370911 — 29compLexity Gaming1093
May 04MDL Disneyland1400690 — 231OG1303
Apr 01MDL Disneyland1397602 — 140TNC Predator1351
Mar 31MDL Disneyland1384762 — 024Mineski1231
Mar 30MDL Disneyland1375892 — 011Neon Esports1117
Mar 30MDL Disneyland1366872 — 013WarriorsGaming.Unity1115
Mar 24DreamLeague Se1383561 — 244Virtus Pro1357
Mar 23DreamLeague Se1395461 — 254Vici Gaming1412
Mar 22DreamLeague Se1371462 — 054Keen Gaming1391
Mar 17DreamLeague Se1352592 — 041Virtus Pro1301
Mar 15DreamLeague Se1333612 — 039Ninjas in Pyjamas1276
Mar 15DreamLeague Se1339872 — 113Infamous1099
Mar 14DreamLeague Se1363691 — 231Ninjas in Pyjamas1261
Feb 23ESL One Katowi1393660 — 234OG1301
Feb 23ESL One Katowi1391722 — 128Mineski1264
Feb 21ESL One Katowi1411631 — 237Gambit Esports1352
Feb 21ESL One Katowi1421681 — 132Ninjas in Pyjamas1287
Feb 20ESL One Katowi1438851 — 115compLexity Gaming1150
Feb 20ESL One Katowi1423682 — 032Chaos Esports Club1301
Feb 19ESL One Katowi1414792 — 021Alliance1186
Feb 19ESL One Katowi1403772 — 023Team Aster1194
Feb 03DreamLeague Se1407752 — 125Mineski1261