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Avalon Gaming - Series History

Esports Forecasts
May 15RedRain Cup Se934--0 — 2--Hot Pot BrotherPROV
May 12RedRain Cup Se934--1 — 1--Proud TrooperPROV
May 12RedRain Cup Se933441 — 156Photon Gaming975
May 08RedRain Cup Se918301 — 170Team Edition1069
May 06RedRain Cup Se918--0 — 2--Sun-RisePROV
May 05RedRain Cup Se918--1 — 1--Death SquadPROV
Dec 18The China Hope935220 — 278Keen Gaming1158
Dec 18The China Hope907--1 — 1--MAX.YPROV
Dec 18The China Hope926430 — 257iG Vitality976
Dec 17The China Hope942350 — 265For The Dream1053
Dec 16The China Hope932241 — 176IamPoint Club1129
Nov 26The Chongqing 937220 — 178Keen Gaming1152
Nov 08Gladiator Cup 952310 — 269Aurora Esports Club1059
Nov 08Gladiator Cup 945622 — 138MAX.Y884
Nov 07Gladiator Cup 920272 — 173Keen Gaming.Luminous1049
Nov 06Gladiator Cup 894412 — 059Eclipse941
Nov 05Gladiator Cup 865372 — 063NewBee Young957
Nov 03Gladiator Cup 880250 — 275IamPoint Club1070
Nov 02Gladiator Cup 891300 — 270Keen Gaming.Luminous1045
Nov 01Gladiator Cup 898581 — 142MAX.Y839
Oct 30Gladiator Cup 897431 — 157Source Code949
Oct 10Asian Pro Leag896160 — 284EHOME1183
Oct 08Asian Pro Leag914370 — 263IamPoint Club1005
Oct 07Asian Pro Leag928250 — 275DeathBringer Gaming1118
Oct 04Asian Pro Leag956390 — 261Team Waooo1035
Oct 03Asian Pro Leag986410 — 259Execration1049
Oct 02Asian Pro LeagPROV--2 — 0--Alpha Red881
Sep 09Gladiator Cup 1085391 — 261IamPoint Club1142
Sep 08Gladiator Cup 1104400 — 260Team EVER1158
Sep 07Gladiator Cup 1079422 — 058Keen Gaming.Luminous1128
Sep 06Gladiator Cup 1097410 — 259IamPoint Club1159
Sep 05Gladiator Cup PROV--2 — 0--EHOME.Immortal1032
Sep 04Gladiator Cup PROV--1 — 1--Winning GamingPROV
Sep 04Gladiator Cup PROV--1 — 1--Eclipse884
Sep 03Gladiator Cup PROV--2 — 0--NewBee Young956
Aug 06China Hope AugPROV--2 — 0--CAVALRY979
Aug 05China Hope AugPROV--0 — 2--For The Dream1086
Aug 03China Hope AugPROV--1 — 1--Keen Gaming.Luminous1129
Aug 03China Hope AugPROV--0 — 2--Team EVER1096
Aug 03China Hope AugPROV--0 — 2--Source Code935
Jun 26The Internatio922470 — 253NewBee Young939
Jun 26The Internatio878--1 — 0--SouthCityPROV
Apr 20Dota2 Professi868401 — 160We Are Young947
Apr 19Dota2 Professi882300 — 270VDuoBao1033
Apr 19Dota2 Professi876401 — 160RUSH B954
Apr 18Dota2 Professi895230 — 277EHOME1106
Apr 18Dota2 Professi880441 — 156CAVALRY919
Apr 12Dota2 Professi871281 — 172FTD Club1037
Apr 11Dota2 Professi859211 — 179Team MAX1092
Apr 10Dota2 Professi883380 — 262Team Braveheart976