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Esports Forecasts
Mar 26ESL One Birmin1140--Bo1--Eskeeere 11PROV
Feb 21ESL One Katowi1163450 — 255Team Aster1196
Feb 20ESL One Katowi1150151 — 185Fnatic1438
Feb 20ESL One Katowi1146441 — 156Alliance1176
Feb 19ESL One Katowi1133251 — 175Ninjas in Pyjamas1309
Feb 19ESL One Katowi1148330 — 267Chaos Esports Club1269
Feb 11StarLadder Imb1175600 — 240Flying Penguins1118
Feb 10StarLadder Imb1091472 — 053Team Team1106
Feb 09StarLadder Imb1080742 — 026wut the frog943
Feb 07DreamLeague Se1094260 — 274Forward Gaming1238
Feb 06DreamLeague Se1070442 — 056Flying Penguins1108
Feb 05DreamLeague Se1056752 — 025Started From The Potm914
Feb 05DreamLeague Se1057321 — 268J.Storm1157
Feb 04DreamLeague Se1063862 — 114Team Xolotl838
Feb 04DreamLeague Se1079290 — 271Forward Gaming1190
Jan 26DreamLeague Se1147861 — 014Team Xolotl838
Dec 09ESL One Katowi1111263 — 174J.Storm1233
Dec 08ESL One Katowi1084232 — 177J.Storm1241
Dec 08ESL One Katowi1065382 — 162Test1231127
Dec 05The Bucharest 1080481 — 252Team Team1084
Dec 05The Bucharest 1059342 — 166Test1231149
Dec 04The Bucharest 1044732 — 027Anime11Esports917
Dec 03The Bucharest 1060310 — 269Test1231163
Nov 29The Chongqing 1084500 — 250Team doggies1086
Nov 29The Chongqing 1068802 — 020Team Borster888
Nov 28The Chongqing 1093550 — 245Team doggies1067
Nov 25ESL One Katowi1169--2 — 0--Alpha ProPROV
Nov 25ESL One Katowi1169--2 — 0--ProGoPROV
Nov 02DreamLeague Se1193721 — 228Infamous1057
Nov 01DreamLeague Se1214651 — 235Royal Never Give Up1138
Oct 30DreamLeague Se1192502 — 050Natus Vincere1192
Oct 29DreamLeague Se1177722 — 028Infamous1048
Oct 26ESL One Hambur1185180 — 282Evil Geniuses1385
Oct 25ESL One Hambur1154312 — 069Ninjas in Pyjamas1297
Oct 24ESL One Hambur1169350 — 265Team Aster1280
Oct 24ESL One Hambur1179200 — 280Virtus Pro1418
Oct 23ESL One Hambur1175371 — 163Forward Gaming1266
Oct 23ESL One Hambur1188761 — 124EVOS Esports989
Oct 18King's Cup 21166201 — 280Forward Gaming1348
Oct 17King's Cup 2: 1159711 — 029Braxstone1005
Oct 17King's Cup 21149792 — 021Wheel Whreck While Whistling915
Oct 15World Showdown1162430 — 157J.Storm1214
Oct 14World Showdown1154671 — 033ROOONS1028
Oct 14World Showdown1168590 — 141The Final Tribe1112
Oct 10King's Cup 21166441 — 156paiN X1190
Oct 10King's Cup 21190530 — 247J.Storm1168
Oct 09King's Cup 21230810 — 219Braxstone980
Oct 08King's Cup 21218732 — 027Infamous1040
Sep 30ESL One Hambur1224643 — 236paiN X1161
Sep 29ESL One Hambur1199442 — 056J.Storm1232