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Esports Forecasts
May 18EPICENTER Majo1185131 — 287Evil Geniuses1397
May 18EPICENTER Majo1166582 — 042J.Storm1135
May 18EPICENTER Majo1148642 — 036beastcoast1078
May 17EPICENTER Majo1163581 — 242J.Storm1120
May 16EPICENTER Majo1173440 — 156Forward Gaming1218
May 16EPICENTER Majo1163591 — 041beastcoast1095
May 16EPICENTER Majo1112781 — 022Team Xolotl890
May 15EPICENTER Majo1112--0 — 1--Young Drug GamingPROV
May 15EPICENTER Majo1104681 — 032Black Sheep!973
May 15EPICENTER Majo1116470 — 153J.Storm1140
May 15EPICENTER Majo1120170 — 183Evil Geniuses1394
May 09MDL Disneyland1129110 — 289PSG.LGD1393
May 06MDL Disneyland1117511 — 049beastcoast1108
May 05MDL Disneyland1129200 — 280OG Dota21313
May 05MDL Disneyland109392 — 191Fnatic1370
May 04MDL Disneyland1102100 — 290Evil Geniuses1373
Apr 30American Aveng115557Bo343Team Team1116
Apr 19ESL One Mumbai1174601 — 240The Pango1114
Apr 17ESL One Mumbai1205710 — 229Natus Vincere1087
Apr 16ESL One Mumbai1199231 — 277TNC Predator1341
Apr 12ESL One Birmin1217512 — 349Forward Gaming1215
Apr 11ESL One Birmin1199642 — 036Team Team1124
Apr 10ESL One Birmin1178572 — 043J.Storm1143
Apr 09American Aveng1206821 — 218ggngg1012
Apr 09American Aveng1201--2 — 0--zxcv666PROV
Apr 07American Aveng1180552 — 045Team Team1146
Apr 07Qi Invitationa1209660 — 234Team Team1117
Apr 06American Aveng1203732 — 027Insane Buster. NA1031
Apr 05American Aveng1193792 — 021ggngg963
Mar 31MDL Disneyland1181482 — 152Forward Gaming1195
Mar 30MDL Disneyland1162602 — 040Team Team1108
Mar 30MDL Disneyland1174180 — 282Evil Geniuses1369
Mar 30MDL Disneyland1155622 — 038Team Team1093
Mar 26ESL One Birmin1147902 — 010Team Xolotl873
Mar 26ESL One Birmin1147--1 — 0--Eskeeere 11PROV
Feb 21ESL One Katowi1163450 — 255Team Aster1196
Feb 20ESL One Katowi1150151 — 185Fnatic1438
Feb 20ESL One Katowi1146441 — 156Alliance1176
Feb 19ESL One Katowi1133251 — 175Ninjas in Pyjamas1309
Feb 19ESL One Katowi1148330 — 267Chaos Esports Club1269
Feb 11StarLadder Imb1175600 — 240Flying Penguins1118
Feb 10StarLadder Imb1091472 — 053Team Team1106
Feb 09StarLadder Imb1080742 — 026wut the frog943
Feb 07DreamLeague Se1094260 — 274Forward Gaming1238
Feb 06DreamLeague Se1070442 — 056Flying Penguins1108
Feb 05DreamLeague Se1056752 — 025Started From The Potm914
Feb 05DreamLeague Se1057321 — 268J.Storm1157
Feb 04DreamLeague Se1063862 — 114Team Xolotl838
Feb 04DreamLeague Se1079290 — 271Forward Gaming1190
Jan 26DreamLeague Se1147861 — 014Team Xolotl838