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iG Vitality - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Apr 15Feng Ye Profes1132490 — 251TSG.JZONE.XH1139
Apr 15China Future C1132--1 — 2--Future.clubPROV
Apr 14Feng Ye Profes1124--2 — 0--DarkatPROV
Apr 14China Future C1124--2 — 0--Sky Walker ClubPROV
Apr 13Feng Ye Profes1112812 — 019Newbee.BUFF925
Apr 13China Future C1110682 — 132Keen Gaming.Luminous1014
Apr 12China Future C1096502 — 150IamPoint Club1098
Apr 11China Future C1096--1 — 2--Sky Walker ClubPROV
Apr 10Feng Ye Profes1080682 — 032Keen Gaming.Luminous982
Apr 10China Future C1064652 — 035Eclipse953
Apr 09China Future C1046602 — 040Team MAX972
Apr 09Feng Ye Profes1061591 — 241Team QS1010
Apr 08China Future C1075371 — 163TSG.JZONE.XH1168
Apr 05China Future C1057612 — 039Team Victory976
Apr 05The Challenge 1059571 — 243Team Sincere1016
Apr 04The Challenge 1059--2 — 1--Flaming Cyborg AlphaPROV
Apr 03The Challenge 1087650 — 235Keen Gaming.Luminous1005
Mar 29The Challenge 1070612 — 039Newbee.BUFF989
Mar 29The Challenge 1024421 — 158Vampire Gaming1089
Mar 25The Challenge 1067--1 — 1--Team MAXPROV
Mar 25The Challenge 1026--2 — 0--Team X.PROV
Mar 24MDL Disneyland1039210 — 279Royal Never Give Up1207
Mar 21VARENA DOTA2 L1002252 — 075Team Serenity1148
Mar 20VARENA DOTA2 L1028--2 — 0--Keen Gaming.LuminousPROV
Mar 20VARENA DOTA2 L1049662 — 134NewBee Young967
Mar 20VARENA DOTA2 L1048--1 — 0--Team QSPROV
Mar 19VARENA DOTA2 L1046371 — 263Team Serenity1122
Mar 17VARENA DOTA2 L1034--1 — 1--StarluckPROV
Mar 17VARENA DOTA2 L1015592 — 041NewBee Young954
Mar 16VARENA DOTA2 L986372 — 063Team EVER1083
Mar 15VARENA DOTA2 L976--1 — 1--Flaming Cyborg AlphaPROV
Mar 15VARENA DOTA2 L976--0 — 2--Team QSPROV
Mar 06Huomao Leihuo 994380 — 262For The Dream1063
Mar 05Huomao Leihuo 1032330 — 267Newbee1153
Mar 05Huomao Leihuo 1032--1 — 1--Sky Walker ClubPROV
Mar 04Huomao Leihuo 982502 — 050Keen Gaming.Luminous984
Mar 04Huomao Leihuo 979481 — 152Flaming Cyborg Alpha993
Mar 01JJB Spring Cup989170 — 283Invictus Gaming1182
Feb 28JJB Spring Cup993361 — 064For The Dream1077
Feb 28JJB Spring Cup1011240 — 176Mr Game Boy1202
Feb 27JJB Spring Cup959231 — 077Team Serenity1169
Feb 27JJB Spring Cup968360 — 164WarriorsGaming.Unity1078
Feb 27JJB Spring Cup1001490 — 151Team Admiral996
Feb 19The Challenge 1017441 — 256Team X.1050
Feb 18The Challenge 1032611 — 239Flaming Cyborg Alpha971
Feb 17The Challenge 985392 — 061FGB Gaming1061
Feb 17The Challenge 980431 — 157Team X.1031
Feb 16The Challenge 959191 — 181Room 3101210
Feb 16The Challenge 959--2 — 0--Winning GamingPROV
Jan 16ANGGAME China 962251 — 275DeathBringer Gaming1104