Team GiganttiTeam Gigantti1212
Team Performance by Map
Map W% GP Rating
Blizzard World39 2-9
Dorado95 2+14
Eichenwalde100 2+18
Hanamura92 3+28
Hollywood98 3+20
Horizon Lunar Colony44 3-21
Ilios100 3+32
Junkertown99 3+21
King's Row52 3+10
Lijiang Tower53 5-12
Nepal35 3-25
Numbani70 2+9
Oasis96 2+10
Rialto82 2+14
Route 6643 3-21
Temple of Anubis28 1-29
Volskaya Industries15 3-42
Watchpoint: Gibraltar99 2+21

Team Gigantti - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Aug 18FEL Overwatch 1212--Bo5--MBMCPROV
Aug 16Overwatch Cont1245681 — 332HSL eSports1130
Aug 02Overwatch Cont1216703 — 030British Hurricane1099
Jul 26Overwatch Cont1208563 — 244Clockwork Vendetta1170
Jul 19Overwatch Cont1196612 — 139British Hurricane1125
Jul 12Overwatch Cont1190783 — 122HSL eSports1011
Jul 05Overwatch Cont1152754 — 025Young and Beautiful999
Jun 27Overwatch Cont1158573 — 243Angry Titans1117
Jun 20Overwatch Cont1140743 — 126Shu's Money Crew EU991
Jun 14Overwatch Cont1145723 — 128Samsung Morning Stars1007
May 17FEL Overwatch 1148--3 — 0--Classic eSportsPROV
Apr 19Overwatch Cont1183731 — 327Angry Titans1036
Apr 18Overwatch Cont1162713 — 129Samsung Morning Stars1030
Apr 12Overwatch Cont1188953 — 15Young and Beautiful818
Apr 04Overwatch Cont1225731 — 327British Hurricane1084
Mar 29Overwatch Cont1208893 — 011Shu's Money Crew EU926
Mar 22Overwatch Cont1238641 — 236Angry Titans1160
Mar 14Overwatch Cont1219643 — 136Samsung Morning Stars1144
Mar 07Overwatch Cont1193864 — 014Eternal Academy931
Feb 28Overwatch Cont1157744 — 026One.PoinT1008
Feb 02Assembly Winte1195611 — 239Samsung Morning Stars1134
Feb 02Assembly Winte1181603 — 240Samsung Morning Stars1138
Feb 01Assembly Winte1167933 — 07TrailBlazers836
Jan 11Overwatch Cont1121284 — 272Angry Titans1255
Jan 10Overwatch Cont1073533 — 047One.PoinT1052
Jan 08Overwatch Cont1048493 — 251British Hurricane1049
Dec 16Overwatch Cont1057652 — 135HSL eSports961
Dec 10Overwatch Cont994223 — 278Winstrike Team1172
Dec 02Overwatch Cont1101851 — 215Young and Beautiful864
Nov 26Overwatch Cont1059774 — 023Bazooka Puppiez872
Nov 18Overwatch Cont1106602 — 340Samsung Morning Stars1040
Aug 12Overwatch Cont1297761 — 324Eagle Gaming1133
Aug 11Overwatch Cont1285953 — 05Young and Beautiful901
Aug 04Assembly Summe1274973 — 03TrailBlazers824
Aug 03Assembly Summe1273--3 — 0--NYYRIKKI EsportsPROV
Aug 03Assembly Summe1274--3 — 0--ChiliMonster GamingPROV
Jul 31Overwatch Cont1232664 — 034CIS Hope1137
Jul 23Overwatch Cont1195784 — 022We Have Org1018
Jul 17Overwatch Cont1180954 — 05Copenhagen Flames803
Jul 09Overwatch Cont1176723 — 128One.PoinT1036
Jul 03Overwatch Cont1189673 — 133Eagle Gaming1087
May 13Overwatch Cont1244513 — 449British Hurricane1234
May 12Overwatch Cont1179403 — 060Angry Titans1233
Apr 23Overwatch Cont1130503 — 050Eagle Gaming1129
Apr 08Overwatch Cont1081664 — 034Team Singularity990
Apr 02Overwatch Cont1149490 — 451British Hurricane1156
Mar 28Overwatch Cont1240760 — 424Angry Titans1050
Mar 19Overwatch Cont1204834 — 017That's a Disband987
Mar 11Overwatch Cont1204663 — 134Orgless and Hungry1149
Feb 03Assembly Winte1184913 — 09ENCE869