Lucky FutureLucky Future941
Team Performance by Map
Map W% GP Rating
Blizzard World72 3+18
Dorado100 1-1
Eichenwalde0 1-14
Hanamura91 1+8
Hollywood8 2-18
Horizon Lunar Colony96 1+6
Ilios7 2-27
Junkertown0 1-19
King's Row97 1+1
Lijiang Tower5 1-17
Nepal100 2+19
Numbani31 1-18
Oasis0 2-23
Rialto0 1-7
Route 660 1-15
Temple of Anubis0 1-17
Volskaya Industries61 2-10
Watchpoint: Gibraltar55 2-12

Lucky Future - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Jul 30Overwatch Cont954211 — 379LGD Gaming1140
Jul 22Overwatch Cont978200 — 380Bilibili Gaming1175
Jul 15Overwatch Cont940633 — 037Triple Six Legend864
Jul 09Overwatch Cont925152 — 285T1w1160
Jul 02Overwatch Cont952621 — 338Light Gaming887
Jun 12LanStory Cup 21026940 — 26Alter-Ego650
Jun 11LanStory Cup 2979382 — 062Team For Victory1053
Jun 06LanStory Cup 2995160 — 284T1w1234
Jun 05LanStory Cup 21030440 — 256LGD Gaming1066
Apr 28Overwatch Cont1011122 — 388T1w1274
Apr 13Overwatch Cont948474 — 053Team For Victory963
Apr 07Overwatch Cont983501 — 350Flag Gaming983
Mar 31Overwatch ContPROV--2 — 3--Team CC1004
Mar 24Overwatch ContPROV--0 — 2--LinGan E-Sports & Huya1082
Mar 17Overwatch ContPROV--3 — 1--Guangzhou Academy1004
Dec 28Overwatch Cont904121 — 288T1w1173
Dec 26NetEase Esport939490 — 251Team CC940
Dec 19NetEase Esport903642 — 036Zenith of Optimism818
Dec 18NetEase Esport902340 — 266Team CC995
Dec 15Overwatch Cont884532 — 147ReStart873
Dec 09Overwatch Cont949560 — 344LGD Gaming909
Dec 01Overwatch Cont1002550 — 345Big Time Regal Gaming968
Nov 24Overwatch Cont906--4 — 0--Alter-EgoPROV
Nov 21LanStory Cup 2906--1 — 3--Flag GamingPROV
Nov 19LanStory Cup 2PROV--3 — 1--Young Kaiser Gaming.Red816
Nov 18Overwatch ContPROV--1 — 3--Flag GamingPROV
Nov 14LanStory Cup 2PROV--0 — 3--Team CC1018
Oct 18Overwatch Cont1013763 — 124Future Group850
Oct 17Overwatch Cont1056--2 — 3--Ambitious ImmortalsPROV
Oct 16Overwatch Cont1025834 — 017CEGM E-sports804
Oct 15Overwatch Cont1021853 — 115Triple Six Legend783
Oct 12Overwatch Cont1021--4 — 0--X Junior JudgePROV
Oct 11Overwatch Cont1021--4 — 0--Fiat LuxPROV
Sep 12NetEase Esport1015--2 — 0--Triple Six LegendPROV
Sep 11NetEase Esport1015--2 — 0--Young Kaiser Gaming.RedPROV
Sep 11NetEase Esport1039691 — 231Flag Gaming917
Aug 15LanStory Cup 21037392 — 361T1w1104
Jul 29Overwatch Cont992483 — 152LaoYinBi1005
Jul 23Overwatch Cont1110650 — 435Moss Seven Club1021
Jul 16Overwatch Cont1060393 — 161Team CC1120
Jul 08Overwatch Cont993262 — 374LGD Gaming1142
Jul 02Overwatch Cont1145851 — 315Hero Taciturn Panther902
Apr 27Overwatch Cont99490 — 391Lucky Future Zenith1325
Apr 13Overwatch Cont994--1 — 3--LaoYinBiPROV
Apr 08Overwatch Cont954--4 — 0--Super Number 1PROV
Mar 30Overwatch Cont949--4 — 0--Hero Taciturn PantherPROV
Mar 25Overwatch Cont998--0 — 4--Skadi's GiftPROV
Mar 02Overwatch Team1351730 — 327Team Griffin1207
Jan 16Overwatch TeamPROV--2 — 0--Moss Seven ClubPROV
Jan 16Overwatch TeamPROV--0 — 2--Meta Bellum1065