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Kungarna - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Jan 03Overwatch Cont821301 — 370Mayhem Academy936
Dec 19Overwatch Cont820201 — 280ex-Toronto Esports1026
Dec 12Overwatch Cont84290 — 491ATL Academy1140
Dec 05Overwatch Cont82551 — 395Fusion University1210
Nov 28Overwatch Cont761161 — 384First Generation988
Nov 10Angry Cup77230 — 497Angry Titans1239
Nov 10Angry Cup820380 — 462Orgless and Hungry893
Nov 10Angry Cup883520 — 448Young and Beautiful862
Nov 10Angry Cup938320 — 468British Hurricane1056
Mar 04Overwatch Cont1001692 — 331No Clout886
Feb 26Overwatch PIT 1017351 — 265Fractal1107
Feb 25Overwatch Cont963614 — 039Renegades894
Feb 24Overwatch Cont965--4 — 0--Bunny BlastersPROV
Feb 24Overwatch Cont984291 — 371Fractal1123
Feb 21Overwatch PIT 956582 — 142No Clout921
Feb 20Overwatch PIT 980200 — 280Fusion University1171
Feb 19Overwatch PIT 897192 — 081Last Night's Leftovers1103
Feb 13Overwatch PIT 840--0 — 2--FractalPROV
Feb 13Overwatch PIT 918200 — 280Fusion University1112
Feb 05BEAT Invitatio920610 — 239The Savages837
Sep 17Overwatch Cont1082190 — 481FaZe Clan1300
Sep 16Overwatch Cont1141460 — 454Rogue1165
Sep 10Overwatch Cont1199440 — 456EnVision1239
Sep 03Overwatch Cont1184503 — 150Immortals1181
Sep 03Overwatch Cont1228300 — 470EnVyUs1356
Aug 26Overwatch Cont1202663 — 134FNRGFE1102
Aug 20Overwatch Cont1125364 — 064Renegades1214
Jul 02Overwatch Cont1174330 — 367Immortals1280
Jul 02Overwatch Cont1142453 — 155LG Evil1169
Jun 26Overwatch Cont1181762 — 224Hammers Esports1008
Jun 26Overwatch Cont1161412 — 259Renegades1220
Jun 25Overwatch Cont1155472 — 253Cloud91173
Jun 19Overwatch Cont1182572 — 243Renegades1140
Jun 19Overwatch Cont1168533 — 147Hammers Esports1149
May 28Overwatch Rumb1130512 — 049Renegades1127
May 28Overwatch Rumb1220491 — 251Cloud91226
May 28Overwatch Rumb1191--2 — 0--Rise Nation1079
May 27Overwatch Rumb1169762 — 024Team LDLC1000
May 27Overwatch Rumb1165752 — 125Evil Geniuses1002
May 27Overwatch Rumb1107272 — 073YIKES!1257
Apr 23Rivalcade Over1113--1 — 2--Selfless1299
Apr 23Rivalcade Over1123--0 — 2--Rogue1492
Apr 23Rivalcade Over1057--2 — 1--Team Liquid1266
Apr 23Rivalcade Over1015--2 — 0--NRG eSports1024
Apr 23Rivalcade Over1032--0 — 2--EnVyUs1271
Apr 11Academy Gaming1033--2 — 0--Eclipse GG894
Apr 11Academy Gaming1037--2 — 0--Midnight CircusPROV
Mar 08Rivalcade Over1033--2 — 0--Ana Nade968
Mar 07Academy Gaming1055--1 — 2--You guys get paid?1033
Mar 07Academy Gaming1055--2 — 0--Ambition1000