Blank EsportsBlank Esports904
Team Performance by Map
Map W% GP Rating
Blizzard World 0-7
Dorado52 3-14
Eichenwalde39 2-5
Hanamura1 1-13
Hollywood98 2+9
Horizon Lunar Colony53 2-19
Ilios3 2-26
Junkertown 0-7
King's Row20 1-12
Lijiang Tower84 1+0
Nepal45 1+5
Numbani45 2+4
Oasis52 1-16
Rialto0 1-10
Route 6664 3+3
Temple of Anubis16 2-19
Volskaya Industries67 0-7
Watchpoint: Gibraltar25 1-15

Blank Esports - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Jan 07Overwatch Cont961580 — 342HEIST Gaming Club914
Dec 17Overwatch Cont960281 — 272Athletico Esports1093
Dec 10Overwatch Cont918704 — 030Mindfreak793
Dec 03Overwatch Cont906663 — 134Legacy Esports806
Nov 26Overwatch Cont937190 — 481Sydney Drop Bears1138
Oct 28Overwatch Cont1043780 — 422Kraken Esports Club862
Oct 27Overwatch Cont1042--4 — 0--Shoot to KillPROV
Oct 21Overwatch Cont1018894 — 011Avant Gaming739
Oct 21Overwatch Cont1018--4 — 0--SandbaggersPROV
Oct 19Overwatch Cont1019853 — 115Freshman Class780
Oct 14Overwatch Cont1019--3 — 1--Exsto GamingPROV
Oct 13Overwatch Cont1019--4 — 0--CascadePROV
Aug 09Overwatch Cont972120 — 388Monster Shield KR1233
Aug 03Overwatch Cont1033390 — 461Hong Kong Attitude1096
Jul 27Overwatch Cont1042663 — 234Nova eSports943
Jul 20Overwatch Cont1155860 — 414XAVIER E-Sports903
Jul 13Overwatch Cont1069664 — 034Incipience970
Jul 06Overwatch Cont1137631 — 337CYCLOPS athlete gaming1055
May 05Overwatch Cont1189502 — 450DeToNator.KOREA1188
May 03Overwatch Cont1101453 — 055Hong Kong Attitude1134
Apr 28Overwatch Cont1099863 — 014Talon Esports854
Apr 19Overwatch Cont1113773 — 123Yoshimoto Encount938
Apr 05Overwatch Cont1058594 — 041XAVIER E-Sports1002
Mar 29Overwatch ContPROV--4 — 0--LogitechG ABANGPROV
Mar 22Overwatch Cont1020--4 — 0--OneShine EsportsPROV
Dec 15Overwatch Hero1025582 — 342:Sun_With_Face: Clap981
Oct 26APAC Premier 21071161 — 484Miraculous Youngsters1305
Oct 22APAC Premier 21116310 — 469Afreeca Freecs Blue1241
Oct 22APAC Premier 21104593 — 141Miracle Team One1048
Oct 20APAC Premier 21095573 — 143ahq e-Sports Club1054
Oct 08Overwatch Paci1087--4 — 2--Hong Kong Attitude1091
Oct 06Overwatch Paci1105--0 — 3--Ardeont1411
Oct 01Overwatch Paci1074--3 — 1--ahq e-Sports Club1096
Sep 30Overwatch Paci1075--1 — 3--Ardeont1310
Sep 29Overwatch Paci1104--0 — 3--Flash Wolves1198
Sep 24Overwatch Paci1093--3 — 0--Libalent Supreme724
Sep 23Overwatch Paci1105693 — 231MEGA Thunder989
Sep 17Overwatch Paci1070713 — 029Machi Esports939
Sep 15Overwatch Paci1086391 — 361Hong Kong Attitude1155
Sep 10Overwatch Paci1059513 — 149ahq e-Sports Club1055
Sep 09Overwatch Paci1090220 — 378Ardeont1267
Sep 08Overwatch Paci1114301 — 370Flash Wolves1234
Aug 27Overwatch Paci1090843 — 016Libalent Supreme856
Aug 26Overwatch Paci1182770 — 323Hong Kong Attitude1008
Aug 25Overwatch Paci1147803 — 020MEGA Thunder955
Aug 25Overwatch Paci1142743 — 126Machi Esports991
Jul 01Overwatch Paci1179--2 — 4--Flash Wolves1444
Jun 24Overwatch Paci1173--4 — 1--ahq e-Sports Club1006
Jun 23Overwatch Paci1143--4 — 2--ahq e-Sports Club1036
Jun 16Overwatch Paci1137--3 — 0--DeToNator.Gold640