Yuisis - Series History

Esports Forecasts
May 28Gold Series He837KG461 — 154OFD866
May 27Gold Series He843KG100 — 290TheOne1227
May 21Gold Series He873KG490 — 251KiTN881
May 20Gold Series He891KG300 — 270Super Perfect Team1044
May 14Gold Series He825KG150 — 285Beyond The Game1125
May 13Gold Series He847KG310 — 269Boluo984
May 07Gold Series He858KG140 — 286Chall Enge1172
May 06Gold Series HePROVKG--0 — 2--OFD876
Apr 30Gold Series HePROVKG--0 — 2--TheOne1194
Apr 29Gold Series HePROVKG--2 — 0--KiTNPROV
Apr 23Gold Series HePROVKG--0 — 2--Super Perfect Team1058
Apr 22Gold Series HePROVKG--0 — 2--Beyond The Game1045
Apr 16Gold Series HePROVKG--2 — 0--Boluo1082