- Series History

Esports Forecasts
Jan 20North American967Truffle Salt310 — 269Team Team1070
Jan 13North American993Truffle Salt590 — 241Feels Nugget Man932
Jan 12North American986Truffle Salt--2 — 0--Blue PikachuPROV
Jan 07North American1012Truffle Salt580 — 242Black Sheep!955
Jan 04North American1012Truffle Salt--1 — 1--Bad JujuPROV
Dec 31North American1012Truffle Salt--2 — 0--Prosor and the Four AmigoesPROV
Dec 30North American1008Truffle Salt451 — 155Team Team1043
Dec 29North American1008Truffle Salt--2 — 0--Skr Skr 2.0PROV
Dec 04The Bucharest 917Anime11Esports270 — 273compLexity Gaming1044
Dec 03The Bucharest 940Anime11Esports340 — 266Team Team1035
Nov 26North American1045Truffle Salt710 — 229Black Sheep!923
Oct 24North American1030Truffle Salt521 — 148Team VendettaGG1013