Xm - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Sep 301230CDEC Gaming643 — 036Sparking Arrow Gaming1162
Sep 291220CDEC Gaming392 — 361Invictus Gaming1274
Sep 291198CDEC Gaming572 — 043Sparking Arrow Gaming1163
Sep 281175CDEC Gaming482 — 052Team Aster1185
Sep 271133CDEC Gaming232 — 077Royal Never Give Up1290
Sep 271123CDEC Gaming612 — 139LING ER1064
Sep 261111CDEC Gaming472 — 053Team Serenity1124
Sep 251102CDEC Gaming692 — 031For The Dream988
Sep 251225CDEC Gaming940 — 26Team Reason886
Sep 231206CDEC Gaming612 — 039Royal1146
Sep 231187CDEC Gaming402 — 160Keen Gaming1242
Sep 221175CDEC Gaming532 — 147Sparking Arrow Gaming1161
Sep 221175CDEC Gaming--1 — 0--Luminous TeamPROV
Jul 28China Dota2 De1192CDEC Gaming501 — 250Royal1195
Jul 28China Dota2 De1192CDEC Gaming--2 — 0--EHOME.ImmortalPROV
Jul 27China Dota2 De1171CDEC Gaming552 — 045Vici Gaming Potential1143
Jul 25China Dota2 De1200CDEC Gaming791 — 221iG Vitality1027
Jul 24China Dota2 De1192CDEC Gaming902 — 010Keen Gaming.Luminous917
Jul 24China Dota2 De1192CDEC Gaming--2 — 0--Aster.AquariusPROV
Jul 23China Dota2 De1223CDEC Gaming740 — 226Typhoon E-Sports Club1087
Jul 20World Cyber Ga1209CDEC Gaming742 — 026Hippomaniacs1074
Jul 20World Cyber Ga1237CDEC Gaming781 — 222Cignal Ultra1074
Jul 19World Cyber Ga1232CDEC Gaming801 — 020Thunder Predator993
Jul 19World Cyber Ga1224CDEC Gaming691 — 031Hippomaniacs1086
Jul 19World Cyber Ga1244CDEC Gaming800 — 120Unicorn1008
Jul 18World Cyber Ga1258CDEC Gaming590 — 141Newbee1197
Jul 18World Cyber Ga1279CDEC Gaming820 — 118Cignal Ultra1012
Jul 18World Cyber Ga1275CDEC Gaming851 — 015Black Sheep978
Jul 18World Cyber Ga1271CDEC Gaming841 — 016KeinBockOderWas984
Jul 14The Internatio1272CDEC Gaming402 — 360Royal Never Give Up1319
Jul 13The Internatio1250CDEC Gaming532 — 047EHOME1236
Jul 13The Internatio1222CDEC Gaming342 — 066Royal Never Give Up1323
Jul 12The Internatio1211CDEC Gaming541 — 046Team Aster1181
Jul 12The Internatio1199CDEC Gaming491 — 051EHOME1205
Jul 12The Internatio1207CDEC Gaming360 — 164Royal Never Give Up1309
Jul 12The Internatio1198CDEC Gaming631 — 037Team Serenity1121
Jul 12The Internatio1213CDEC Gaming580 — 142Team Aster1177
Jul 11The Internatio1201CDEC Gaming531 — 047Team Sirius1182
Jul 11The Internatio1189CDEC Gaming491 — 051Newbee1193
Jul 11The Internatio1176CDEC Gaming471 — 053EHOME1180
Jul 11The Internatio1160CDEC Gaming361 — 064Invictus Gaming1276
Jul 04The Internatio1136CDEC Gaming452 — 055Royal1162
Jul 04The Internatio1136CDEC Gaming--2 — 0--NewBee YoungPROV
Jun 24ZBT Invitation1174CDEC Gaming291 — 371Invictus Gaming1278
Jun 23ZBT Invitation1158CDEC Gaming452 — 155Team Aster1184
Jun 23ZBT Invitation1137CDEC Gaming552 — 045For The Dream1111
Jun 22ZBT Invitation1115CDEC Gaming522 — 048iG Vitality1106
Jun 21ZBT Invitation1132CDEC Gaming340 — 266Team Aster1219
Jun 20World Cyber Ga1125CDEC Gaming711 — 029Revenge Gaming966
Jun 20World Cyber Ga1125CDEC Gaming--1 — 0--Proud TrooperPROV