Sacre - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Aug 17LEC 2019 Summe1074SK Gaming451 — 055Origen1105
Aug 16LEC 2019 Summe1063SK Gaming551 — 045Excel esports1020
Aug 10LEC 2019 Summe1071SK Gaming320 — 168Splyce1209
Aug 09LEC 2019 Summe1056SK Gaming401 — 060Team Vitality1128
Aug 08ESL Meistersch1054SK Gaming692 — 131PENTA 1860949
Aug 03LEC 2019 Summe1040SK Gaming441 — 056Misfits1083
Aug 02LEC 2019 Summe1051SK Gaming430 — 157Rogue1102
Jul 31ESL Meistersch1076SK Gaming Prime631 — 137OP innogy eSport985
Jul 27LEC 2019 Summe1025SK Gaming130 — 187G2 Esports1357
Jul 26LEC 2019 Summe1037SK Gaming440 — 156FC Schalke 04 Esports1081
Jul 24ESL Meistersch1100SK Gaming Prime430 — 257Mousesports1151
Jul 20LEC 2019 Summe1048SK Gaming300 — 170Fnatic1199
Jul 19LEC 2019 Summe1058SK Gaming390 — 161Origen1142
Jul 17ESL Meistersch1114SK Gaming Prime721 — 128PENTA 1860951
Jul 13LEC 2019 Summe1077SK Gaming670 — 133Excel esports956
Jul 12LEC 2019 Summe1088SK Gaming400 — 160Splyce1159
Jul 10ESL Meistersch1155SK Gaming Prime710 — 229Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition998
Jul 03ESL Meistersch1157SK Gaming Prime561 — 144BIG1113
Jul 02ESL Meistersch1164SK Gaming Prime671 — 133FC Schalke 04 Evolution1039
Jun 22LEC 2019 Summe1110SK Gaming560 — 144Team Vitality1070
Jun 21LEC 2019 Summe1098SK Gaming521 — 048Misfits1083
Jun 15LEC 2019 Summe1084SK Gaming451 — 055Rogue1116
Jun 14LEC 2019 Summe1089SK Gaming190 — 181G2 Esports1335
Apr 28European Maste1205SK Gaming Prime630 — 337Misfits Premier1145
Apr 27European Maste1186SK Gaming Prime642 — 036Fnatic Rising1112
Apr 21European Maste1189SK Gaming Prime772 — 123Team LDLC1032
Apr 18European Maste1179SK Gaming Prime611 — 039For The Win eSports1100
Apr 17European Maste1167SK Gaming Prime531 — 047Campus Party Sparks1143
Apr 15European Maste1156SK Gaming Prime581 — 042Splyce Vipers1097
Apr 10European Maste1144SK Gaming Prime531 — 047Devils.one1120
Apr 10European Maste1163SK Gaming Prime720 — 128Crvena zvezda996
Apr 09European Maste1153SK Gaming Prime631 — 037Misfits Premier1061
Apr 09European Maste1146SK Gaming Prime721 — 028NYYRIKKI White986
Apr 08European Maste1136SK Gaming Prime621 — 038MAD Lions1052
Apr 08European Maste1127SK Gaming Prime651 — 035Diabolus Esports1016
Apr 07ESL Meistersch1153SK Gaming Prime530 — 247Mousesports1139
Apr 07ESL Meistersch1128SK Gaming Prime512 — 049BIG1124
Apr 02Summoner's Inn1110SK Gaming Prime453 — 255Ad Hoc Gaming1132
Mar 26Summoner's Inn1082SK Gaming Prime412 — 059Ad Hoc Gaming1130
Mar 24Premier Tour 21109SK Gaming Prime540 — 246Mousesports1089
Mar 23Premier Tour 21118SK Gaming Prime461 — 254Ad Hoc Gaming1136
Mar 20ESL Meistersch1107SK Gaming Prime762 — 024DIVIZON903
Mar 19Summoner's Inn1096SK Gaming Prime582 — 142Euronics Gaming1057
Mar 17Premier Tour 21100SK Gaming Prime822 — 118Aequilibritas eSports913
Mar 13ESL Meistersch1099SK Gaming Prime511 — 149Euronics Gaming1090
Mar 06ESL Meistersch1086SK Gaming Prime742 — 026Aequilibritas eSports903
Mar 05Summoner's Inn1079SK Gaming Prime731 — 027Aequilibritas eSports910
Feb 27ESL Meistersch1079SK Gaming Prime531 — 147Mousesports1058
Feb 26Summoner's Inn1095SK Gaming Prime610 — 139Ad Hoc Gaming1030
Feb 24Premier Tour 21141SK Gaming Prime730 — 327BIG1019