LCLONG - Series History

Esports Forecasts
Sep 17947OFD281 — 172Tsunami1110
Sep 16923OFD612 — 039KiTN842
Sep 11889OFD452 — 055Super Perfect Team922
Sep 10899OFD150 — 285Chall Enge1198
Sep 03Gold Series He858OFD120 — 288Beyond The Game1211
Sep 02Gold Series He875OFD270 — 273HOTS1050
Aug 27Gold Series He880OFD70 — 293TheOne1321
Aug 26Gold Series He899OFD310 — 269Tsunami1043
Aug 20Gold Series He864OFD442 — 056KiTN906
Aug 19Gold Series He874OFD150 — 285Chall Enge1173
Aug 19Gold Series He870OFD381 — 162Super Perfect Team958
Aug 13Gold Series He845OFD141 — 186Beyond The Game1160
Aug 13Gold Series He862OFD290 — 271HOTS1024
Aug 12Gold Series He867OFD70 — 293TheOne1306
Aug 06Gold Series He879OFD130 — 287Beyond The Game1130
Jul 30Gold Series He879OFD--2 — 0--PROV
Jul 23Gold Series He879OFD--2 — 0--PROV
May 28Gold Series He866OFD541 — 146KG837
May 27Gold Series He877OFD150 — 285Chall Enge1179
May 21Gold Series He861OFD241 — 176Super Perfect Team1063
May 20Gold Series He871OFD110 — 289TheOne1231
May 14Gold Series He879OFD330 — 267Boluo1004
May 13Gold Series He879OFD451 — 155KiTN914
May 07Gold Series He896OFD230 — 277Beyond The Game1109
May 06Gold Series He876OFD--2 — 0--KGPROV
Apr 30Gold Series HePROVOFD--0 — 2--Chall Enge1136
Apr 29Gold Series HePROVOFD--1 — 1--Super Perfect Team1058
Apr 23Gold Series HePROVOFD--0 — 2--TheOne1208
Apr 22Gold Series HePROVOFD--1 — 1--Boluo1082
Apr 16Gold Series HePROVOFD--1 — 1--KiTNPROV
Apr 15Gold Series HePROVOFD--0 — 2--Beyond The Game1000
Apr 23Gold Series He814Start Over Again452 — 355RPG843
Apr 18Gold Series He810Start Over Again501 — 150Sunny Lion810
Apr 17Gold Series He826Start Over Again260 — 274TheOne1010
Apr 16Gold Series He838Start Over Again190 — 281Chall Enge1096
Apr 12Gold Series He859Start Over Again340 — 266Beyond The Game977
Apr 11Gold Series He843Start Over Again211 — 179Super Perfect Team1073
Apr 10Gold Series He834Start Over Again391 — 161KT910
Apr 09Gold Series He877Start Over Again560 — 244RPG831
Apr 04Gold Series He888Start Over Again601 — 140Sunny Lion819
Apr 03Gold Series He916Start Over Again370 — 263TheOne1009
Apr 02Gold Series He945Start Over Again370 — 263Chall Enge1036
Mar 28Gold Series He974Start Over Again360 — 264Super Perfect Team1076
Mar 27Gold Series He984Start Over Again--2 — 0--KTPROV
Mar 26Gold Series He970Start Over Again732 — 027RPG794
Feb 27Gold Series He989Start Over Again532 — 347TheOne971
Feb 27Gold Series He955Start Over Again433 — 157Beyond The Game993
Jan 31Gold Series He916Start Over Again372 — 063TheOne1009
Jan 31Gold Series He881Start Over Again522 — 048TimeFlow871
Jan 30Gold Series He905Start Over Again300 — 270Chall Enge1058